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Guide to top-up


How do I top up? What are my top-up payment options?


You can top up your credit using either your debit / credit card online or by buying a top-up voucher.  If you're on your mobile, you can head to giffgaff.com/mobile for a mobile friendly top-up experience.


Here's a quick video tutorial made by member Flaxvert to help you along the way.






How to top up with a debit / credit card

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It's very easy to top up your account using a debit / credit card. Just log in and follow these instructions:


  1. Click "Top-up' at the top of the website
  2. Select the goodybag / gigabag or airtime value you want to purchase
  3. Review your basket and click on "Continue"
  4. If you have selected a goodybag, you are given the opportunity to renew it automatically. If you have selected a credit value, you are given the opportunity to auto top-up (see below for more information)
  5. Fill in your card details and address. if your details are stored, you just need to enter the CVV of your card.
  6. Click on "Confirm order'. You are all done.


These credit / debit cards are accepted: Visa credit / debit (including Electron), MasterCard credit / debit (including Switch).

We don't accept American Express or Diners Club  - if you have one of these cards, you'll need to purchase a top-up voucher - see details below




How to redeem a voucher

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Giffgaff vouchers can be bought in most shops providing epay, payzone or paypoint services. Don't know where to find one of these shops near you? check this article for more details. You can also find them in Post Offices and most supermarkets.  If you cannot get a giffgaff voucher, O2 (and Tesco) vouchers also work.


The voucher can be redeemed from your giffgaff mobile, or online.


  • From your mobileCall 43430 for free with your giffgaff phone and follow the voice prompts along the way.
  • Online: Log in and head to Top-up.
    • In the bottom right click on Redeem a voucher to load the top-up by voucher page.
    • Enter your voucher's 16 digit code (without spaces) in the field and click on "Redeem". 

Please note that top-up vouchers can take up to 24 hours to be applied to your account balance (though usually much sooner). 




Auto top-up

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Auto top-up means when your account drops below £3 it'll automatically top up by the amount (£10, £15, £20, £25 or £30) you've selected (via credit / debit card), up to a maximum per month that you've specified (1, 2 or 3 times in a month). 



You can set up the auto top-up with your next top-up, or directly in "My giffgaff", in the "My payment details" section.


If you've already stored your credit card details - just tick the box and select the amount you'd like to be topped up by each time your balance drops below £3. Auto top-up is not currently available on MasterCard debit (Maestro or Switch) or Solo cards.



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Guide to top-up

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