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Guide to using a BlackBerry on giffgaff

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giffgaff support BlackBerry phones before BB10 and BlackBerry Services. This guide runs you through all you need to know about using your BlackBerry device with a giffgaff SIM.

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Once your SIM is activated, you should see GPRS, EDGE or 3G (in capital letters) with dots after it in the right corner of the phone. This shows that your SIM card is provisioned to the BlackBerry Network and ready to use.

If your phone is showing the word "OFF" in the right corner of the Home Screen, go to Manage Connections and ensure the Mobile Network box has a tick in it.

If your phone is showing gprs, edge, gsm, or 3g (in lower case letters) in the right corner of your screen, then your phone is connected to the giffgaff network but not provisioned to the BlackBerry services. You should take your battery out and put it back in again which try to reconnect the BlackBerry network. If this fails you will need to contact an agent to check your SIM card has been provisioned for BlackBerry.

When you are using a BlackBerry on giffgaff, you can make calls and send texts whatever the credit or goodybag you choose. However, to use BlackBerry Services such as BlackBerry Messenger, you will need an active goodybag with BlackBerry Services turned ON.

After purchasing a goodybag, go to My giffgaff. In the My profile and settings section you'll be able to activate BlackBerry Services. Tick the box next to Switch on BlackBerry Services and then press save.

You will need to activate BlackBerry Services to use the following services:

  • Receive true BlackBerry push email from up to 10 different email accounts.
  • Use the resident BlackBerry supplied browser to access the Internet.
  • Install applications over the air (OTA) via the supplied resident browser.
  • Use BlackBerry Messenger and send PIN-to-PIN messages.

Please note that handsets running BlackBerry 10 do not need these features. For more information, see our guide about switching to BB10

You can register up to 10 email addresses on your BlackBerry handset.

If you have a new device the option to set up email is included within the set up wizard which will appear on the screen when you switch it on. Otherwise you can use the following method:

From the Home screen select the set up folder and E-mail Settings/Accounts.

Then you can either:

  • Select the type of email account you want to set up, for example, Yahoo, AOL.
  • Then enter your existing Internet Service Provider email address and password and agree to the terms and conditions.

Or :

  • "Create a BlackBerry® E-mail Address" – example username @
  • Create a password.

Your email is now set up.

Once the first email address has been entered or the BlackBerry email address has been created, you can then add additional email addresses by clicking 'Set up another email account' and follow the above steps again.

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