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Using the 43430 Top-up service

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Dialling 43430, free from your giffgaff phone, will take you to the giffgaff top-up service.

This is an interactive service where you can:

  • Redeem vouchers
  • Top-up your account
  • Buy goodybags over the phone

More Information

Simply dial 43430 from your giffgaff phone and don't withhold your number (we need to know it’s you).

The 43430 number is stored on your SIM, just add it to your contacts for easy access.

You’ll be talked through the options available. You can navigate around using the numbers on your keypad.

  • Press 1 to Top-up your Airtime Balance with a voucher
  • Press 2 to buy a goodybag or start a goodybag using your Airtime Credit, a voucher or a combination of both

At any time and in any menu

  • Press # to go back
  • Press * to return to the main menu

Using the 43430 service you can Top-up, buy a goodybag and do so much more.

Here's a few things you can do:

  • Buy a goodybag with your balance
  • Buy a goodybag with a voucher (or voucher and balance combo)
  • Use a voucher to Top-up your Airtime Credit
  • Use a voucher to Top-up a friend's Airtime Credit
  • Hear your Airtime Credit and your current / queued / recurring goodybags
  • Queue a goodybag
  • Start your queued goodybag early if you're running low on minutes or data

Note: Recurring goodybags cannot be started early using this service. If you need to start a recurring goodybag then go to My giffgaff

  • Dial 43430
  • At the main menu Press 1 to Top-up
  • Press 1 again to Top-up your own number
  • Enter the 16 digit voucher code and submit

Note: Be advised to switch OFF your mobile data connection when topping up unless you have available allowances.

If you have your data service turned ON when you top-up your Airtime Credit without having a goodybag then background activity on your device might start using data and will be chargeable from your balance.

If you want to exchange some or all of your Airtime Credit to buy a goodybag then Press 2 at the main menu.
Note: It's possible to buy a goodybag directly without the need to redeem the voucher first. See the Buying a goodybag from credit, a voucher or starting one early and Paying with a voucher sections below for more information.

  • Dial 43430
  • At the main menu Press 1 to Top-up
  • Press 2 to Top-up a friend’s number
  • Enter your friend’s 11 digit giffgaff phone number starting with 07
  • Enter the 16 digit voucher code and submit
  • This will deposit the Top-up to the specified number. Your friend must Login if they want to purchase a goodybag

Note: The old method of hiding your calling line identity when dialling #31#43430 no longer works.

  • Dial 43430
  • At the main menu Press 2 to buy a goodybag where an automated message will tell you:
    • How much you have remaining in your balance
    • What you're current goodybag is and how much allowances you have left
    • When it expires
    • If you have another goodybag queued or set to recur
  • To skip this menu Press 1

Depending on the status of your current and future goodybags will determine the next message that you hear. You’ll now be given different options for what you can do:

  • Don’t have a goodybag? – Buy a goodybag to start today
  • Have an active goodybag? – Queue a goodybag to start when the current one expires
  • Have an active goodybag, but have run out of minutes or data? – Start a new goodybag today or bring your queued one forward
  • Have a active goodybag and another one queued or set to recur? – You’re fully loaded and can only Top-up at this time

When you’ve chosen what you want to do, you’ll be given the list of all goodybags .

Once you’ve chosen a goodybag using your keypad you'll hear what comes with it or you can carry on to purchase it.

When it comes to purchasing you’ll be given the option to use your balance, a voucher or a combination of both.

Please Note:

  • It is only possible to start a goodybag early when you have less than 100MB, 100 texts or 100 minutes left in your current goodybag and at any time up to 7.30 p.m. on the expiry date of the current goodybag.
  • You can start a recurring or queued goodybag up to 9pm on the day of expiry of your active goodybag
  • You can queue a goodybag up to 10pm if you complete it online
  • You can queue a goodybag if you do it via the 43430 top up line but you must do it before 9 pm.

This will buy the goodybag using the credit in your balance. If you don’t have enough credit you’ll be asked to Top-up first or choose a different goodybag.

You’ll be asked to enter your 16 digit voucher code.

If your voucher is worth more than the goodybag you want to purchase then any remaining balance will be added to your Airtime Credit.

  • e.g. Buying an £8 goodybag with a £10 voucher will buy the goodybag and add £2 to your Airtime Credit

If your voucher is worth less than the goodybag you’re trying to buy, we’ll combine it with what’s already in your Airtime Credit and buy the goodybag

  • e.g. You’ve got £5 in your balance and want to buy a £12 goodybag with a £10 voucher. After Top-up you're total is now £15
  • The goodybag will be bought from this new balance with £3 Airtime Credit remaining.

If there still isn’t enough credit to buy the goodybag then the voucher credit will simply be added to your Airtime Balance. This means you will need to purchase another voucher to increase your Airtime Balance before you can buy the goodybag.

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