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Why can't I connect to BIS and BBM?

There are two main reasons explaining why you can't use Internet Services on your BlackBerry:



BlackBerry Services is not active

When you are using a BlackBerry on giffgaff, you can make calls and send texts whatever the goodybag you choose. However, to use BlackBerry Services, such as BlackBerry Messenger, you will need an active goodybag.



After purchasing a goodybag, go to "My giffgaff". In the Phone and call service settings section, you'll be able to activate BlackBerry Services.


You will need to activate BlackBerry Services to use the following services:


  • Receive true BlackBerry push email from up to 10 different email accounts
  • Use the resident BlackBerry supplied browser to access the internet
  • Install applications over the air (OTA) via the supplied resident browser
  • Use BlackBerry Messenger and send PIN-to-PIN messages


Devices running BlackBerry 10 do not need BlackBerry Services to be activated.



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Your phone settings are incorrect

If you activated BlackBerry services but are still unable to use it or the Internet - the issue is probably coming from your settings.


Check this article to see the different methods you can use to update your phone settings. If your phone settings are correct, make sure that your BlackBerry ID is well recognised on your device.



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Why can't I connect to BIS and BBM?

started by jeremyn on ‎01-02-2013 15:57 - last edited on ‎08-05-2016 08:19 by talisker35
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