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20mb internet mobile

Started by: yuga
On: 02/04/2012 | 13:03
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by: yuga
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:03

Sorry it's me again, I've got another question.. How much is 20BM ? Is it enough to check my emails/facebook few times per day ? I saw there is the gigabag for 5£, but it's a sim only for internet then It's not really interesting cause I would have to change my sim every time I want to go on the internet.



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by: pinkcalculator
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:06
You can have credit on a sim and a giggabag
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by: bonusball
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:06
That should be fine for standard emails

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by: ibiza
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:07
Go on - get a goody bag and use an app to see how much data you use!!!!!!!

Seriously, it would surprise you how little you get for 20 meg now, and 20 meg a day would be 20p so 6ukp per month.

This makes your costs 11 ukp - so you would be better with the tenner bag!
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by: chefkoch
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:10

Should be enough for emails without attachments. Facebook is hard to say, depends on how much you use it. But if you use it every day, it will already cost you 20*30=600, i.e. 6 pounds a month. Might be worth to invest in a 10 pounds goodybag, where you will not have to worry about the internet, and get unlimited text and some free minutes as well for only 10 pounds a month.

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by: astraking
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:11

hi. 20mb is very small. if you only go on the internet  and facebook the current internet on giffgaff is 20 pence for the first 20mb and after that it is 20pence for each 1mb. so it can end up costly if you are using credit and not a goodybag.   be careful.    astraking 

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by: yuga
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:21 edited: 02/04/2012 | 13:23

The thing is I'm going to buy a goodybag, and I wanted to know if it's worth it to take a 5£ bag (and have 500MB) just for the internet. But anyway I think I'm just gonna try the internet with the 10£ goodybag first.

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by: andrewredman
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:29

yes good to go for the £10 goodybag, then you can monitor how much data etc you use and adjust accordingly.  you never know, with a bit more access you may want to use the internet a bit more!


all best...  Smiley Happy

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by: andy0
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:34 edited: 02/04/2012 | 13:35

I don't know so much about Facebook, but emails on their own don't necessarily use a lot, unless they are full of photos.


If you only check emails manually, set to headers only, and just read one or two important ones and leave the rest until later, then one connection will very likely be under 100 kilobytes.


Using Opera Mini to check a Gmail account, with the browser set to images turned off, it can use as little as 15k per visit


So for Facebook I'd imagine that it depends on how many poctures are being posted, and how many you can resist looking at until later in a wi-fi zone.


Or just go for the goodybag anyway and don't worry 

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by: hassled1
on: 02/04/2012 | 13:57 edited: 02/04/2012 | 13:59

I use my phone for checking emails, online shopping (ebay, Amazon, tesco), facebook updates, general browsing (via Opera), internet radio, fitness tracking, intall apps and updates - although the phone is used everyday I have not gone over 400mb in a month - so on average I'm below 20mb per day.


I use a goodybag and for the extra fiver I would suggest one too as it gives a safety blanket.

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