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Come join us: 6 glorious years with giffgaff

Started by: kathleen414
On: 22/06/2019 | 11:01
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by: kathleen414
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:01

Good morning fellow gaffers and hello to any prospective new members .


Well 6 six years ago I plunged myself into the community and was welcomed with open arms and  I was hooked .

So it's a big thank you to all of you who make the community such a fab place .

Looking forward to carrying on with my old friends and meeting our newcomers .

Give us a try and you may just stay like me and many others .

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by: karenyates
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:06

Well done @kathleen414 you have such a positive attitude and I'm sure that's what makes you duch a popular giffgaffer.👍👍

Congratulations and long may it last.

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by: sha_shah1
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:10


Happy 6th giffgaff birthday.congratulations on your 6 years with giffgaff and many more aheadhappy-anniversary.gif



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by: richybhoy36
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:18
Hi kathleen414 anap ive been here for 6 years aswell ! Best network ever :-)
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by: kathleen414
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:27

@richybhoy36 @sha_shah1 @karenyates 

Thank you for the lovely comment



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by: themzbiker
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:31



Very well done on your 6 years with giffgaff


Here's to many more years with giffgaff isn't it great giffgaff it sure is 

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by: clikasarus
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:34

@kathleen414  Great post my friend and happy 6th giffgaff birthday here’s to many more 

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by: bobrobinson
on: 22/06/2019 | 11:38


On your  6 years with giffgaff. @kathleen414 

You have been a great asset to our great community and hope you spend many more years on here.

You have my upmost respect for how you are and what you do around the forums and im sure we would all be lost without you. I truly mean that kathleen you do so much around the forums and on the gaff to.

All my very best to you and a big THANKS for what you do.

BobSmiley Happy



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by: mcilwraith
on: 22/06/2019 | 12:00

congratulations-6341.gifon your 6 year gg anniversary @kathleen414 

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by: tito6
on: 22/06/2019 | 12:18


Very well done on your 6 years with giffgaff

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