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Hello Conner

Started by: dj101269
On: 11/01/2019 | 15:52
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by: bacc
on: 11/01/2019 | 22:46
Hello Conner @thewt69 welcome to giffgaff and our community.

Congratulations getting a new recruit @dj101269
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by: pault1974
on: 12/01/2019 | 00:58

Welcome to giffgaff and the community @thewt69


Well done on your new recruit @dj101269

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by: themzbiker
on: 12/01/2019 | 06:20

Well done on your new recruit


A very warm welcome to giffgaff

giffgaff is a awesome network please check out our fabulous community

I'm sure you'll find plenty of subjects/threads in general discussion interesting just join in when your ready

we're all very friendly & we're just waiting to say hello

welcome to our giffgaff family
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 12/01/2019 | 07:31

Welcome to giffgaff Conner. 🙂welcome.gif



And congratulations on your recruit @dj101269, well done buddy. 👏👏👏👍

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by: fabiyes
on: 12/01/2019 | 14:51
Nicely done @dj101269
Hello to Connor
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by: eluminea
on: 12/01/2019 | 15:43
@dj101269 Thanks for letting us know a new member has joined. Welcome!
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by: annebrooke64
on: 12/01/2019 | 16:10

Welcome to giffgaff, Connor - great to have you with us! It's a lovely and very helpful community here!


Anne B

Anne Brooke
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by: flix92
on: 12/01/2019 | 16:55
Welcome to Connor and well done on a new recruit! Xx

I really hope my post helps you! If it does, please don't forget Kudos!

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