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Hello Everyone :D Just want to say Hi

Started by: mscute
On: 10/04/2018 | 17:00
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by: mscute
on: 10/04/2018 | 17:00

I'm new here Smiley Happy just joined giffgaff today. I was recommended  by a friend who is with giffgaff already Smiley Very Happy 

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by: mcilwraith
on: 10/04/2018 | 17:05









to giffgaff @mscute hope you like it here

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by: mscute
on: 10/04/2018 | 17:06
Thank You Smiley Very Happy
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by: endorphin
on: 10/04/2018 | 17:23

Hi @mscute and welcome to giffgaff. Smiley Happy


Feel free to join in the conversations here in the forums, you'll find the General Discussion forum a great place to start! Smiley Wink

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by: natty88
on: 10/04/2018 | 18:51



@mscute a very warm welcomecat(1).gif

We hope you enjoy your time with us please join in the many topics on the forums and mostly have fun  

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by: bobrobinson
on: 10/04/2018 | 19:08

Hiys @mscute

And a big warm 


To giffgaff.

Im sure you will enjoy your new network and you will be pleased that you joined us here at giffgaff.

Our community is brilliant with many friendly gaffers.

You will find we have a good range of forums you can visit and am sure they will be of interest to you.

All our forums are open 24/7 so if you comeaccross a problem or just need a chat there will always be a friendly gaffer on the other end to chat to you.

So enjoy your new network and this friendly community.

All the best Bob

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by: kaitroo
on: 10/04/2018 | 20:05
Hi @mscute and welcome to the giffgaff family 😀 glad to hear you are happy. Come and join us for some chit chat in general discussion if you fancy it!
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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 10/04/2018 | 21:20



And glad your friend recommended you to Giffgaff👍


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by: pault1974
on: 11/04/2018 | 03:51

Welcome to giffgaff and the community @mscute

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by: john3831
on: 11/04/2018 | 06:43

hello @mscute Welcome to giffgaff

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