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How do I get a SIM for £5 free credit?

Started by: browser
On: 06/09/2013 | 21:26
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by: browser
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:26 edited: 06/09/2013 | 21:28

I'm going to be using £12 per month monthly deals but I heard you can click someone's link and order one with £5 free. How do you do this again?

Edit: Wait, do I need to pay £10 as well to activate it? Nobody told me that.


If I order a SIM off the main page with nothing on, do I have to pay £10 to activate it?

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by: lnb1996
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:29 edited: 06/09/2013 | 21:31

If you look at the bottom of this message you will see the link.


Click on the Sim Icon or send me a PM for faster delivery.


You need to top-up by £10 to activate either way...but if you get a sim from the giffgaff home page, you don't get £5 credit bonus.

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To get a free sim with £5 credit, click on the link below or if it's more urgent, send me a PM.
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: mba_263
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:29
Just click someone's banner
Get a free Giffgaff Sim
If you want your free Sim simply follow the below link, and gain yourself free £5 credit !!:
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:29
Just click a sim link and you will get a sim sent to you with the bonus fiver
For a Free 3 in 1 sim with Free £5 on activation Click this link 
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by: mba_263
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:30
And also in regards to the activating you can just buy the £12 which will then get you the extra £5 all you need to do is top up or buy a goodybag or credit with a min value of £10
Get a free Giffgaff Sim
If you want your free Sim simply follow the below link, and gain yourself free £5 credit !!:
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by: bobrobinson
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:34 edited: 06/09/2013 | 21:36

Yes you can click anyones banner to get a sim and one will be sent to you. As soon as you activate the sim with the minimum of £10 .The sim will start to acivate. It may take a while to fully activate so please be patiant. When the sim is fully activated your number will appear on the left hand side of your my giffgaff page and you will get your £5 bonus soon after. All the best and welcome to giffgaff. Please note if you want a goodybag you have to buy one out of your credit 

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: hcovell
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:37
hey therem

You'll just need to click on anyone's banner (picture under post) and you'll get a sim with £5 free credit on!

You always have to activate with £10 though - sorry!
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by: dazoo
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:40

Click on a banner under a there post that has one and order and when activate a new account with sim £5 be added with in 24 hrs and yes need to activate the sim with £10 for the bonus £5

Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: browser
on: 06/09/2013 | 21:41

Does buying a £12 goodybag count as activation, or do I need to pay £10 then buy the goodybag?


Also are PMs like this legitimate:


"Hi i can send you a sim tommorow if you want to tell me your name and address"

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