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Started by: goodlife2
On: 06/10/2018 | 16:43
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by: goodlife2
on: 06/10/2018 | 16:43

Robot surprised I am so surprised you have not joined giffgaff yet what is stopping you?  we get free calls & texts to others on giffgaff, good service,cheap calls and a great Community that help each other, Oh and  we get pay back. SO now you know, IT IS TIME to join as WELCOME to all who have just join us and to all of you that are going to.Smiley LOLHeart From goodlife2 ( and it is a good life too with giffgaff)Cat Very Happy

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by: 4128334
on: 06/10/2018 | 16:49
Good Afternoon,
Excellent Post welcoming Newcomers to giffgaff.
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by: bobrobinson
on: 06/10/2018 | 16:50


Post  there @goodlife2

All the best BobSmiley Happy

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by: brulaw
on: 06/10/2018 | 17:04 edited: 06/10/2018 | 17:06


                                                                             Nice welcoming post    thumbup.gif


       To all new and not so new giffgaffers .......


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by: davidevans0000
on: 06/10/2018 | 17:14 edited: 06/10/2018 | 17:21

@goodlife2 a nice post and what are you waiting for new members come and join the best network in the UK.

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by: natty88
on: 06/10/2018 | 17:23

@goodlife2 great post ezgif-1-434e9de640.png


large(1).jpgYou'll not regret it

We're a friendly bunch who will go out of are way to help with any problems so grab that sim and jump on in let the giffgaff experience begin  

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 06/10/2018 | 17:53





Great post and your absolutely right

Yvonne 🙂

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by: clikasarus
on: 06/10/2018 | 18:00
Great post @goodlife2 totally agree the time is now welcome all new members 👍🏻
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by: allan1954
on: 06/10/2018 | 18:07
@goodlife2 lovely post and welcome to all would be new giffgaff members.
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