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Iam new to giffgaff

Started by: yarabb
On: 16/11/2018 | 09:01
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by: spiritquest
on: 20/11/2018 | 10:16


Good morning and welcome to Giffgaff, there is something on the community for everyone, hope you enjoy your stay!

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by: youngchick
on: 20/11/2018 | 13:38
@yarabb welcome to giffgaff have fun 😃
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by: gwpreston
on: 20/11/2018 | 13:57
Hi and welcome to the community hope you have fun with us 😊👍
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by: ventriloquistsdoll
on: 23/11/2018 | 12:20
Sounds great to me, enjoy
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by: stellamobile
on: 24/11/2018 | 18:15
Nice one @yarabb glad all went smooth happy days
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by: taylorkid
on: 25/11/2018 | 03:21

@yarabb welcome newbieSmiley Happy

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by: kirst72043
on: 25/11/2018 | 11:30

A very warm welcome @yarabb to Giffgaff and our community!


Here are a few handy guides to get you started.


Take a look at the goodybags available, to ensure you are getting the best value for your money 


What is included in the goodybags allowances?


We are all here in the community to help and you can ask your questions here  

Sometimes there will be things we can't help with such as;


  • Account details
  • Payment queries
  • Payment details.


You will need to contact an agent for these.


Get started with payback.


Don't forget to say thank you to your fellow members for their reply - Give them Kudos and highlight what you felt was the best answer. 


Good luck and ask away if unsure

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by: dartgirl
on: 25/11/2018 | 12:13
Yarabb hi welcome to giffgaff hope you enjoy it,
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by: dolphinprincess1
on: 25/11/2018 | 12:43

Welcome to the giffgaff community 

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