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Started by: pinkunykorn
On: 14/10/2018 | 15:30
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by: pinkunykorn
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:30

Hi. just joined, my friend send me gg sim.

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by: 4128334
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:31
Good Afternoon,
Welcome to giffgaff and the Community.
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by: pinkunykorn
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:36

how can i use this gg community.plz tell me.

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by: youngchick
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:39
Welcome to giffgaff pinkunykorn , I'm new to 😃
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:41

Welcome to giffgaff and the community @pinkunykorn, here's a link to All the Boards and they're fairly self explanatory and you'll soon find your way around the community. 🙂

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by: mw854
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:44
Hi there @pinkunykorn welcome to giffgaff and the community. If you have any problems with your phone or the network the the help section where you can get an answer within minutes. If you just want to chat try general discussion. Hope you enjoy using the community
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by: brulaw
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:49

                @pinkunykorn  .......                                 


                 A few links to help you find your way around 










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by: bobrobinson
on: 14/10/2018 | 15:57

Hiya @pinkunykorn

And a big warm.giphy.gif



To our amazing network.

Im sure you will love it here at giffgaff.

Apart from the great value bundels we have a great community.

All the gaffers are very friendly and a helpfull bunch and will go out of there way to help anyone.

We have some realy interesting forums you can visit and im sure they will interest you so please click on the link below and take a look.

All the forums are open 24/7 so if you do come across a problem or you just fancy a chat then choose the forum that suits your topic and you will soon be answerd by a friendly gaffer on the other end.

Also please take a peek at the other gaffers have kindly left for you.

So enjoy the giffgaff experiance ( im sure you will ) and dont forget to thank  your friend for introducing you to the best network.

All the best BobSmiley Happy


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by: krzys876
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:48

Welcome to GiffGaff @pinkunykorn Smiley Happy


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Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: themzbiker
on: 14/10/2018 | 16:48



A very warm welcome to awesome giffgaff please check out our fabulous community as we're all very friendly & we're waiting to

say hello


Welcome to our giffgaff family

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