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Meet our member Leeon, who chooses to be in control | Run by you heroes

Started by: kiesha_p
On: 15/05/2019 | 15:20
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by: leeon1988
on: 14/06/2019 | 01:58

All the positive comments really do mean a lot to me. This post will also be great whenever I'm feeling depressed and in need of some encouragement. But really and truly we are all Run by you Heroes as we all do our part in the community in order to keep it going.

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by: suzydod
on: 15/06/2019 | 19:57
Hello And congratulations

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by: iqbal92307
on: 15/06/2019 | 20:56

Hi, cangratulation, well done 😁👍

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by: smart_swag55
on: 23/06/2019 | 12:03
Amazing are a legend having a good taste Smiley Happy
Stay high Smiley Happy
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by: flix92
on: 28/06/2019 | 16:10
Hello Leeon, great to 'meet' you and learn more about you! 👋🏻

I really hope my post helps you! If it does, please don't forget Kudos!

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by: times_t
on: 30/06/2019 | 22:24

Very well done sir, all the best for now and the future. 👍🙌🙌🙌

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by: times_t
on: 02/07/2019 | 10:51

You're most welcome @leeon1988  happy Tuesday 

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by: jaycee113
on: 07/07/2019 | 08:38
Congratulations and well done @leeon1988! Great choice @kiesha_p!
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