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Money Saving Expert says giffgaff is cheapest!!

Started by: adsie
On: 17/07/2010 | 15:56
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by: adsie
on: 17/07/2010 | 15:56 edited: 17/07/2010 | 16:01

Good Afternoon Folks,

Has anyone seen Martin Lewis's great website -  A superb site for the savvy consumer and the lastest  update on his homepage includes an item on the cheapest mobile rates and giffgaff comes out as the cheapest. There is also a link to a new independent mobile tariff price comparison site which shows giffgaff as about cheapest for most users (well it did in my not very scientific test!)

With such a positive endorsement from such a well respected consumer site can anyone at giffgaff towers think of a way we can use this info to promote giffgaff?

Kind regards,


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by: anthonydclark
on: 17/07/2010 | 16:49
can you add this in the joining post instead. it will help new users to decide to come on board. as this one usually is for problems only. but good to see.
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