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Need a sim posting urgently - First class or hand delivered ? :

Started by: bluemoonbaz
On: 24/09/2013 | 11:31
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by: nuribey
on: 20/04/2019 | 13:47

Can I please send me new sim cart urgent.

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by: navvy
on: 20/04/2019 | 13:57



What is your approx location?  Nearest town, or first part of postcode?


If it goes in the post, the earliest it could possibly arrive is Wednesday, due to the bank holidays.


There may be a member near you, if you give us a clue about where you are.  But remember this is a public forum.


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by: jonkent
on: 20/04/2019 | 14:05

In addition to the above; if the SIM you need is a replacement for one reported as lost or stolen, then you'll need to wait on the SIM in which giffgaff send out to you for your existing account, no other will suffice.

Also, you can pick up giffgaff SIM cards now in most major supermarkets, convenience stores, and most shops that sell SIMs in general for around £1, so another option for you.
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by: jaymailsays
on: 20/04/2019 | 14:11 edited: 20/04/2019 | 15:31

@nuribey  Due to the urgency, pop down to your local Tesco, sainsbury, Iceland, poundland, Asda and choose any giffgaff sim.


If however you reported your sim lost or stolen, then you will need to wait for your replacement sim to arrive at your home address.

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by: nuribey
on: 20/04/2019 | 14:25

I lost my SIM card 

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by: jonkent
on: 20/04/2019 | 14:40

Cool, so as mentioned (and providing you haven't reported it lost); let us know your approximate whereabouts in case there is a member local to you, or pick one up in a shop (today if you can). These will be your fastest options right now as we type.

Once you have procured said SIM, follow the below guide on performing a SIM Swap, which will cancel out your lost SIM, and move over your existing number along with any credit / goodybags you have:
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by: 285chait
on: 20/04/2019 | 23:53

i misplaced the sim card and can not find. could you please send me a new one?

thank you

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by: jonkent
on: 21/04/2019 | 00:19

Providing that you haven't reported the SIM as being lost, then a couple of options for you;

The quickest (owing to Easter weekend) would-be to let us know your location (the first part of your postcode will be enough), as there may be a member in you vicinity who can hook you up with one.

Another quick option is picking one up from a local supermarket, convenience store, or any shop for that matter which carries SIM cards, since now most stock giffgaff ones for around a quid. With it being Easter weekend, more notably Easter Sunday, you may be hard pressed finding an establishment open.

If you're in no immediate hurry for it then a couple of additional options;

The first is simply report you SIM as lost, this will block your current one, and giffgaff will process a replacement for you:

Do note that once you action this, you will have to wait on the SIM giffgaff send out, no other will cut the mustard if you decide you do want one quicker.

Or , if your not fussed about the above, order one from your orders page ( ). If you do so now, you should have it on or about the middle of next week, give or take.

Once you have the SIM from any of the methods (aside from reporting it lost), follow the the below guide on moving over your existing number, credit / goodybags to the new SIM:
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: jason1973tess
on: 21/04/2019 | 10:16
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In box your address and I will send 1stt class promise my name is jason otley

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by: 19saba90
on: 22/04/2019 | 09:29

I want my sim urgent replacement my number is>**phone_number_removed**

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