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Started by: hockers62
On: 12/08/2018 | 11:46
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by: hockers62
on: 12/08/2018 | 11:46

Hi, I have got sick of 3 and Vodaphone and their hidden charges and poor service regarding the use of my dongle 

I have opted for the £25 all ways on option,  have any of you guys got good or bad opinions of this bundle ?  I use my laptop  24/7 as I'm disabled housebound and   the internet is my only source of  communication with the outside world and my library of information and entertainment,  I don't watch videos online only browse and play games really so I hope 20 GB per month will be ample .

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by: 4128334
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:03
Good Afternoon,
Welcome to giffgaff and the Community.
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by: pault1974
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:11

Welcome to giffgaff and the community @hockers62

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by: bobrobinson
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:12

Hiya @hockers62

And a big warm.gifs-animados-bienvenida-80311.gif



To our amazing network.

Im sure you will love it here at giffgaff.

The £25 always on bag gives you 20gig at full speed and after that you will be slowed down between 8am to midnight after that the speed goes back to full speed.

Please see the rules on the always on bag in the link above.

We have a great community thats run by friendly and helpfull gaffers who bend over bacwards to help or chat to anybody and were open 24/7  so if you do need any halp or just a chat there will always be a friendly gaffer on the other end.

Please check the link below as there are some great forums for you to get involved in if your interested.

Please remember to use the correct forum that corrisponds to your topic.

That way you will get answered much quicker.

All my very best to you and enjoy the giffgaff experiance. 

( Its a whole lot differant to the other networks But a whole lot better Smiley Happy )


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by: kicker
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:34

Hi @hockers62 .Welcome to giffgaff, you have chosen wisely, 20gb should be plenty for browsing etc,but online gaming may eat into that 20gb pretty fast .

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by: jt_21
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:52

@hockers62 welcome! 🍪🍩☕️, 

the £25 always on goodybag is giffgaffs biggest bundle, please note it's not intended for a replacement for wifi/home broadband 

With the £25 'Always On' goodybag you get 20GB of data at full 4G speed.

After 20GB of data used you'll experience a reduced data speed of 384kbps from 8am to Midnight. You may notice that activities which require high amounts of data, like HD video streaming, will be slower.

There's no unlimited data with giffgaff here's a guide to the £25 'always on' goodybag (click handy links if roaming)!


There is a traffic flow policy on this goodybag and using too much data or patterns of heavy data usage which may impact other users may result in a a warming first .... and then a ban (usually 3 months) from buying this particular goodybag (you would be able to buy other goodybags though) you said that you think it may be ample as you do not use data hungry apps, so you should be absolutely fine, 🙂 but fior the traffic flow policy have a quick read here. 

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by: mcilwraith
on: 12/08/2018 | 12:55



to giffgaff @hockers62

i do hope the goodybag suits your needs


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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 12/08/2018 | 13:24





It's nice you've come to Giffgaff👍and it's a lovely community

Take care


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by: weetinamc
on: 12/08/2018 | 13:25 edited: 16/08/2018 | 07:20


mousesweepingwelcomehgckn4.gif @hockers62

Playing games can use a lot of data.depending on what games you play of course

Let's hope twenty is plenty


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