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New to Giffgaff

Started by: merew
On: 19/06/2019 | 15:44
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by: iqbal92307
on: 06/07/2019 | 15:56

Hi @merew,

A very warm welcome to giffgaff and the cummunity, enjoy your time with giffgaff family.... 😀🎊👍

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by: bacc
on: 06/07/2019 | 16:42
Hi @merew welcome to giffgaff. Hope you've settled in now and enjoying the community
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by: jaycee113
on: 06/07/2019 | 17:51
Hi @merew,

Our network is run by us. It doesn't rely on hope, it relies on us - and that includes you! As a member of our brilliant community you have an equal input into the running of our network as we all do. You choose how active you want to be. I have been here for over 8 years and I am staying here because there is no other network like this as you will see for yourself. Welcome and enjoy!
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by: msmon55
on: 10/07/2019 | 08:40

Hello @merew and welcome. If you are looking for good community and good service you are certainly in the right place. Very friendly and helpful bunch of members. Need any help, there are so many members willing to step forward. Enjoy.

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