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New to giff gaff

Started by: deanandrea
On: 02/01/2019 | 17:14
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by: mw854
on: 08/01/2019 | 15:31
Hi @deanandrea welcome to giffgaff. Hope you enjoy using the community
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by: rbanks
on: 09/01/2019 | 13:50
Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community @deanandrea
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by: youngchick
on: 09/01/2019 | 21:26
@deanandrea welcome to giffgaff have fun I joined middle of October and thinks it's fab 😃
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by: leshin
on: 10/01/2019 | 10:26
welcome @deanandrea
This is wicked network, wicked service by giffgaff and good value goody bags
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by: bigjohnhall
on: 10/01/2019 | 15:13
Hello @deanandrea welcome to the best UK network. Its great to see new members getting involved on the community
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by: liljoshb
on: 10/01/2019 | 17:47

hello there and giffgaff is a great network and here at the commuity we try are best tonhelp you out when you need help with issues and try to sort them for you so you can enjoy yhe network and have fun giffgaffing...welcome to you and enjoy...


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by: flix92
on: 12/01/2019 | 17:12
I can't rate giffgaff high enough! I can definitely recommend you joining, you won't regret it! Xx

I really hope my post helps you! If it does, please don't forget Kudos!

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by: bullphit
on: 14/01/2019 | 11:33
Greetings @deanandrea This is a smashing community, help is available day or night whenever you need it
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by: kerry13734
on: 15/01/2019 | 21:26
Hello and welcome. My experience so far with giffgaff (almost a full year) has been awesome. No major issues at all and anything i needed help with an agent or the community have helped and everything was stress free.
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