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Started by: markwhiteplymouth
On: 22/08/2017 | 22:44
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by: lynda1962
on: 22/08/2017 | 22:45

Hiya 👋 @markwhiteplymouth, welcome to the community 👍 

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by: mcilwraith
on: 22/08/2017 | 23:09
















why not have a look around the site

there`s always plenty going on in general discussion

for some handy tips and all round guides pop over here or if you have any new ideas that might be beneficial to members and giffgaff alike put a post in contribute and you`ll soon find out if its worth adding it as an idea in labs



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by: themzbiker
on: 22/08/2017 | 23:26

@markwhiteplymouth Welcome to giffgaff 


It's a great network check out the wonderful friendly community 

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by: brulaw
on: 22/08/2017 | 23:29 edited: 22/08/2017 | 23:32



 This is a friendly place  ..... we hope  you're going to feel at home here  , just join in wherever and whenever you feel like it  , you'll soon get the hang of things and soon settle in ........ 


If you've had a look around you might have popped in to these sections  but if you haven't they are a good place to have a look around in ..... 









                                                                                                     Happy giffgaffing  big-grin.gif

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by: mindy42
on: 23/08/2017 | 05:20

welcome to the family xx☺

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by: 4128334
on: 23/08/2017 | 07:52


 Good Morning, 

. Welcome to the Community. 


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by: harryjulie1
on: 23/08/2017 | 10:28
Welcome to gg
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by: r_kitty
on: 23/08/2017 | 13:02
Hi and welcome to gg
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by: moonflower23
on: 23/08/2017 | 15:20
welcome to gg
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