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Started by: irene33330
On: 13/04/2019 | 23:02
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by: irene33330
on: 13/04/2019 | 23:02

Just joined Having been with O2 for many years. Wishing I’d made the switch earlier! No problems with switching apart from iTunes not recognising the correct number for the phone (I’d kept my old number, but iTunes registered the giff gaff unused number) actually easily sorted in the settings, in case anyone has the same issue, just change your number in your contacts (iPhone 6)

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by: sha_shah1
on: 13/04/2019 | 23:04 edited: 13/04/2019 | 23:05




Hope you will enjoy your stay with giffgaff
We have some really interesting forums which i am sure you will like them so please click on the link below and take a look.

All the forums are open 24/7 so if you get a problem or just fancy a chat you will always find a friendly gaffer on the end to answer you.

So enjoy the giffgaff experiance

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by: shabbas
on: 13/04/2019 | 23:17

Hi there @irene33330 

Welcome to giffgaff!!😊

I'm sure you will enjoy it here with us👍

Whilst your getting used to it all why not take a peep around all our forums as theres always lots going on. Its the best way to learn😃

Here are a few links:

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by: tito6
on: 13/04/2019 | 23:20


Welcome to giffgaff and community
This is great network with great community.
There is some great forum that I am sure you will like so please take a look

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by: rashad198
on: 14/04/2019 | 00:10

Welcome to giffgaff @irene33330 . You will have a great time with us

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by: jeank
on: 14/04/2019 | 00:20


Hello Irene welcome aboard the gg network ... 

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by: natty88
on: 14/04/2019 | 00:42

@irene33330  a very warmezgif-4-99b3872ce334.jpg

We hope you enjoy your stay with us please have a nose around the many fun filled forums like General and games here's a handy guide to the forum index 


And a few links of interest 


services not included in goody bags allowances



using giffgaff overseas


start new goody bag now this can only be used if current goody bag has less than 100 calling mins or 100 mega bytes data also if you use recurring goody bags switch off here first please  


guide to always on 


buy goody bags from credit


make sure you've switched recurring payments of here 


or call 43430 option two to buy goody bags from credit/vouchers and follow prompts given to exchange voucher/credit for goody bag  


how to earn payback 


guide to voicemail Remember it costs 8p per call from top up credit or one minute from goody bags minutes number to call is 443 for giffgaff voicemail services 

to activate voicemail number is 1616

 to deactivated it number is 1626 


For anything else just ask we're all friendly and helpful enjoy your weekend 

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by: brulaw
on: 14/04/2019 | 02:37 edited: 14/04/2019 | 02:38


                     Hi Irene .......                

Welcome to gg and community.png


                      Here are afew links to help you find your way around 










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by: smiffyds
on: 14/04/2019 | 02:44

Hi @irene33330  welcome to the family glad you've made the change.





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