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Newbies give us a try you know you want to 🤔

Started by: themzbiker
On: 18/04/2019 | 09:54
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by: themzbiker
on: 18/04/2019 | 09:54 edited: 18/04/2019 | 09:58

giffgaff is a cracking phone provider & if you give us a try you'll receive these benefits....


A awesome choice of goodybags & a large choice come with unlimited minutes & texts 


Now if you happen to run out of data early well here at giffgaff you'll be able to renew your goodybag early 


No dreadful customer service just fantastic members on hand to help 24/7 if needed 


Only pay as you go here so no contracts to tie you down 


We have a fabulous community & I'm sure you'll find plenty of subjects/threads in general discussion interesting just join in when your ready 


We're all very friendly & we're waiting to say Hello & you'll be able to meet lots of lovely members just like myself 


If your into photography we have a excellent photography forum where you'll be able to share with us all your lovely photos we'd love to see them 


Here at giffgaff if you get your friend's & family to join you'll be able to chat & text for free & once more free giffgaff to giffgaff video calls are also free 


So really it's up to you now to give us a try you won't regret it giffgaff sure is brilliant it really is just pop a giffgaff sim into your phone but remember your phone needs to be unlocked or locked to the 02 network 


Look forward to seeing you newbies & in the mean time have a lovely day 

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by: davidevans0000
on: 18/04/2019 | 09:58
Well done @themzbiker giffgaff is wonderful come join us if you want to click any banner free £5 credit when you activate the sim card with £10.
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by: bladerunner929
on: 18/04/2019 | 10:00

Great post @themzbiker it gives an insight to any guests thinking of joining Giffgaff just what's available via the forums as a member 

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by: tids
on: 18/04/2019 | 10:09



Great post my friend 

You got it spot on there 👏👏👏👏

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by: tito6
on: 18/04/2019 | 10:14

@themzbiker  fantastic post show's great benefits of giffgaff

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by: clikasarus
on: 18/04/2019 | 10:51
@themzbiker Great post totally agree highlighting the positives of Giffgaff what a fantastic network everybody is welcome so what are you waiting for come and join us
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by: mfish
on: 18/04/2019 | 11:35
Great post @themzbiker this helps people to decide to join us
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by: 4128334
on: 18/04/2019 | 12:06
Good Afternoon,
A great positive post extolling snd explaining the merits of being with giffgaff.
Take Care my Friend and have a Great Day.
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