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O2 PAC Code

Started by: steve1982
On: 17/03/2011 | 20:18
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by: steve1982
on: 17/03/2011 | 20:18 edited: 17/03/2011 | 20:19

Hi Guys


I am  a newbie. If anyone needs a PAC code and doesnt want to give O2 Customer Services a call you can chat to an agent online useing this link just fill the details in and it will ask if you would like to chat to an agent, it took a matter of minutes to get my PAC code.


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by: andreww
on: 17/03/2011 | 20:20

good advice steve1982; and welcome to giffgaff Smiley Very Happy

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by: aks782
on: 17/03/2011 | 20:20
Or you can use this free phone number: 0800 0288151 Smiley Wink

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by: neil40
on: 17/03/2011 | 20:36
Saves the hasstle of them trying to convince you to stay.
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by: cardy1970
on: 17/03/2011 | 20:51

I used the online O2 contact us on the website, when i asked for my PAC, got it sent about an hour later

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by: steve1982
on: 17/03/2011 | 21:27

Thanks, glad to help. I love the community feel to this network.

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by: baz17
on: 17/03/2011 | 21:28
Thanks for that, will pass it on to family and friends.
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by: pinkblob
on: 22/03/2011 | 13:27

Worked for me too. Took about 15 mins as the typing was slow but he gave me the pac there and then.

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by: socks_uk
on: 07/08/2011 | 08:20
Thank you steve1982! I've just spoken to Aiden and got my PAC code within minutes! He did suggest I ring O2 to see if they could do a deal as I barely use £10 every 3 months and he said I could use £10 every 3 months on O2 - Durrrrr!! that's what I just said! lol
Anyway... not for the next step!
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