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Signal strengh

Started by: linf
On: 12/07/2010 | 21:00
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by: linf
on: 12/07/2010 | 21:00

Do I have to spend £10 to join before I can see the signal strengh in my area. I paid for a T-Mobile simm & no signal in my area

the simm Gif/G sent me is showing no signal at moment

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by: jack17938
on: 12/07/2010 | 21:02

You can look at the coverage map here:


BUT otherwise you need an active SIM card, which means the £10 top-up.

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by: gawright
on: 12/07/2010 | 21:14

Why not order a free o2 PAYG SIM from the o2 website. You can use this to test the signal strength without topping up. Since giffgaff uses the o2 network, you can sure you'll get the same signal as with the free o2 SIM


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by: mary_r_t
on: 12/07/2010 | 22:01

Or to save the hassle of ordering sims, check to see if any of your friends/family are with o2 (or tesco because they use o2 too). If someone is then they should be able to give you an idea of signal.

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by: craig1970
on: 13/07/2010 | 00:38

coverage maps are never of any use.

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by: linf
on: 13/07/2010 | 07:42

thanks Jack

yes I thought you had to pay first.

T mobile signal strength map showed a good signal but I get nil. reception.

Shame, Giffgaff looked a good company.


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by: linf
on: 13/07/2010 | 07:59

Thanks gawright

I shall order a card from O2



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by: ibiza
on: 13/07/2010 | 12:41

THREE had said the coverage at my postcode was "the strongest" for calls and data.  They also claimed the same for anyother postcode I asked about, and for a third claimed there was no 3G coverage, but the phone would drop to 2G.


After nine months the "signal that was about to improve" meant I could make calls standing at an upstairs window.  Of the other two locations, one it would not work even anywhere near the house, and the other only in the garden.  Funnily when ending the contract, they admitted to having a map that showed coverage in far greater detail!




Say your postcode, and I am sure if someone is local they will drive past it to see how the signal goes.

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