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Switching from Orange - 30 day notice?

Started by: jared123
On: 04/01/2012 | 09:19
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by: jared123
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:19

Hi All,


I'm looking to join giffgaff (I registered for a sim a few days ago).


My Orange contract ends on the 26th Jan, and my billing date is the 12th. I phoned yesterday to get my PAC code and was told that I need to give 30 days notice to end my account, so if I use the PAC code tomorrow, I end up paying for pretty much a whole month of my account when I'm not using it. Is this correct? As far as I'm concerned, I should pay up until my end date of the 26th as thats when my contract ends - do I have to give notice on a contract which ends in less than 30 days?


I was also told that my bill on the 12th would be for a full month, then I'd get half of a month refunded at the end of the next month - is that right? How can they charge me a full month when my contract ends half way into that month?


If this is all true and I do need to give 30 days notice, pay for a month of non use, and pay £20 to unlock my phone, then it'll probably work out better for me to get an orange sim only plan (realistically I'll probably jump onto a contract when the next iphone is out). I would prefer to get away from orange but I don't want to end up out of pocket because of it.


Has anyone had any similar experience or have any advice on what I should do? On a £35 a month contract, I don't want to have to pay £55 just to switch Smiley Sad

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by: suheluddin2
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:22
yes that's correct you need 30 days notice to leave your current pay monthly contract.
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by: solid247
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:22
Get a new pac code once u have a end date
The code u have now will just expire as unused
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by: md2011
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:22

On your contract are you sure your not paying in advance?

Maybe at the end of the 30 days will be when your contract is complete.

I know for sure that if you end a contract early you pay for the remainder of the contract.


Hope this helps.

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by: solid247
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:24
If your contract up its finnished ended complete
No notice required
Just leave and stop any direct debt u pay orange
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by: osbournm
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:29
It's pretty standard practice on mobile contracts to have to provide 30 days notice of intent to leave. It's been in the t&c's of my various contracts for years now.

You'll have the same problem even converting to an Orange sim only deal too, so no better or worse off.

Personally I'd serve notice now and get your pace code at the end of the period, at the same as then activating your giffgaff sim. That'd give you no overlap, so save cost, and get you away from your current provider as quickly as possible - if that's what you're aiming for.
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by: jared123
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:29

Thanks for the replies, I'm still not convinced that I should need to give 30 days notice when it's a 24 month contract which ends on the 26th Jan - surely if that's the end date then they can't force me to continue paying?


I don't really want to just cancel the DD because mobile phone companies have a habit of getting nasty and going straight to the credit agencies when they can't get payments (rightly or wrongly).


I am paying in advance, but as my billing date is the 12th of every month, they want to charge me a full month on the 12th Jan, then refund half a month on the 12th Feb, which seems a strange way of doing it to me. I'd prefer to just pay the £17.50 half a month now and end the contract.

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by: gmob
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:35



  My son is going through the same as you've mentioned.

The way we took it is that, they charge you a full month in case you go over any allowance then send you a revised bill which should have the other half months bill refunded ( I know this is CRAZY !!! ).


My son is now just waiting for his unlock code, then he'll be moving to giffgaff Smiley Happy


We believe this is a wise move and well worth the £55 its costing him too, as he'll be going from £35/m down to £10/m and have unlimited data using the goodybag, which is great for his iphone. Plus all the other benefits like free gg to gg calls, payback..... Etc. Etc.



Just hang on.. Be patient and make the change. Smiley Happy


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by: dteg
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:44
Yep, these 30 days terms are pretty standard practice even if "out of contract" (yeah right, like they let anyone go that easily!). Thankfully (!) O2 managed to screw my transfer up, so they let me go early as compensation. On the bright side, it's quite easy to make up for any excess costs involved with giffgaff's trump card: community payback Smiley Happy
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by: jared123
on: 04/01/2012 | 09:51

Another thought. Would I be able to phone them now, and get a settlement figure to end my contract today?


Would that be the same as leaving early (just pay whats owed for the term of the contract and end it)? If so, it would get around the issue of being billed for a full month then waiting a month for a refund of the rest?


As gmob said, now I'm thinking that I just want to get out - I don't want to pay £26 a month for a sim only with Orange that I can get for £15 with giffgaff, only to have these problems again down the line when/if I decide to switch to a new contract. Looks like I'll be better off getting out now and being in a position to start a new contract whenever I want without having to give notice Smiley Happy

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