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Started by: deam
On: 08/11/2012 | 17:50
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by: deam
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:50

hi folks


My hubby and I presently have contracts with O2 which expire in Jan. We are extremely low users and I mean extremely. Like 10 textx a week between us and maybe 20 mins calls a month. It seems completely absurd that we are paying £30 monthly on a contract basis when a payg sim would be much more financially sensible. I have a couple of questions though


Can you have 2 sims registered to the same account. This is mainly for simplicity as It makes sense to do the top ups etc from one payment card


With regards to goody bags, these seem delightful wee creatures. Can you just buy these as needed for example if I was going on holiday or knew we would be out and about a certain month and it may be useful to be able to look up maps and directiosn and restuarants etc would we be able to just get a goodybag on top of what we had topped up?


I am sure I will be back with lots of questions as long as no one minds.


you all seem like a greta bunch and I think this will be the way to go.


Deam x

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by: kingkitty
on: 08/11/2012 | 22:15

I think a fair number of people have already explained the state of play re sim cards, deam, but with regard to the goodybags, there's no obligation to take one every month. You can top up airtime credit and simply use that for your calls and texts and only add a goodybag as and when, as you say, you know you'll be needing to use a little more. You'll also find that giffgaff will send you a handy email every month to advise you which option is likely to be most cost-effective for you given your past month's usage.



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by: usmanozzy786
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:53
u cant hav 2 sim on 1 account but u can create two accounts
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by: adam98675
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:54 edited: 08/11/2012 | 17:55

Unfortunately you can't have two sims on one account but can use the same email for both

And yes you can buy a goody bag as an when needed then just not buy another when its finished and continue on PAYG rarates plus don't forget free giffgaff to giffgaff calls & texts Smiley Happy

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by: rcn206
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:54
Hi Deam, Go for it! It's a great service. Though you can't have two SIMs on the same account, you can use the same card to top them up as and when, and the goodybags are brilliant for using when you need them. Once they run out you don't have to renew it, and as long as you make or receive a call once every six months, the line will stay active. The pay as you go rates are pretty good too, and you;ll get the same coverage you're used to on O2. If you've got any further questions feel free to ask away Smiley Happy
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by: pjr
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:55
Hi and welcome Smiley Happy

You can only have one sim to one account so you will need to create two accounts. However, you can use the same email address for making things a little simpler Smiley Wink

By the way, if you wish to order a sim, can I suggest you order from a members banner (beneath our posts) as that way you will receive a free £5 credit added to your account once the sim is activated Smiley Wink

Good luck Smiley Happy
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by: dalan
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:56
You can only have one sim per account. Have a look at the website to see what goodybags suit your needs. And remember, if you ordet sims from any members banner or link, you will get £5 credit on activating the sim. Hope to see you soon.
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by: nerakb
on: 08/11/2012 | 17:58

You're allowed 1 sim per account but you can use the same email address,password and card details for the two accounts but different usernames.

Goodybags can be bought as and when required but last for a month.Once active,a goodybag can't be cancelled or used abroad.

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by: robw1996
on: 08/11/2012 | 18:00
Hi there we are glad that you have contacted us no you can't have 2 sims on 1 account but all you would need to do is top up £5 per month or £10 every 3 months for free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts but what ever you require we will have a good deal
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by: hotstop
on: 08/11/2012 | 18:06

it pay as you go so its up to you.goodybag or not or use credit.

if one of you open account and orders a sim from that account for the other.the you get £5.00 for doing it.

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by: yorkibar
on: 08/11/2012 | 18:16


 Just make sure you order your sims from the banner at the bottom of the members replies and you will get a £5.00 credit when you first top up...just one of you activate your account then send the other a sim from the new account and you both will get £5Smiley Happy

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