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Unhappy with GG?

Started by: giffgaffsucks
On: 15/03/2012 | 20:24
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:24
I am a friend of a banned user, someone banned for making statements, no sim abuse, no swearing, I have read these forums, and I agree with my friends post which was this :Hello, some people are very happy with GG, the ones who have good sims, and without blackberrys, but if something goes wrong, its hell. Terrible support. Customers ignored, We have all read the nightmares threads of late. If you are happy with GG you do NOT need to reply to this thread. This thread is for the collection of users who are not happy, and have paid for services they have not received, they have not had a resolution, or they have not had the required ,regulatory deadlock letter. If you are unhappy, remember, otelo charges a fee to the network in question, regardless of outcome. Remember if you are being inored by the GG team as is so often reported, you can take another course of action, trace there directors thru companies house. In full, can anbody that has a grievance,complaint,faulty service add thier name to this thread. I will be emailing telephonica,otelo,Ofcom, and GG directors, putting all your nightmarish stories too them. Maybe a director will take action on these incompetent employees. PLEASE add a link to your forum thread, ill post that to the new Anti GG FB page and include them in my communiques with the relevants regulatory agencys. Trading standards have taken up my complaint of falsely stating unlimited, then bannin people for using unlimited data. Remember GG is a buisness, this forum is designed to make it feel all community orientated, but as we all know, its a buisness, all they care about is the Money Money Money! PLEASE let's get together t force the bigwigs at GG's board level to take action. And hopefully to get better trained, less egotistical staff and moderators. Thank you. " I did not breach any frum rules by echoing this, but I too was banned immiediatly, I'm not allowed to mention there name, they seem to call it name and shame, where I come from, if u create a shame, u shud be named. I'm am not a customer, I prefer vodafone. People answer the phone if things go wrong. But on reading some of these post, and being banned for no reason, I would urge all people considering joining this joke outfit, too think hard!!! When things go wrong on this site it seems people are ignored. My names james. I was james1122 but I was banned for airing my veiews politely. The staff here are awful! I have witness two of my friends on GG being treated like feces. Stick with the big companies if u want/need support, I can't complain to ofcom as I aint with this joke outfit, but u lot with bad sims and blackberrys can, and those who were told data was unlimited. Some one aGG needs a dictionary.

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by: kiwatche
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:37
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i do have a ofcom case against gg going on at the moment but i wont be joining your group.
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by: hazel22
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:26 edited: 15/03/2012 | 20:30

Thank you for reading and sticking to the community guidelines,


Have a nice evening, 

Kind regards,

4th April 2011 - 5th June 2015
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by: suki28
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:29

lets start a facebook group so gg cannot control us: Smiley Happy Some of my posts were remove
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by: hazel22
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:30
Hi Suki, actually - your thread was moved to Off-Topic Smiley Happy Go in your recent post history and you'll find it sweet,

Kind regards,
4th April 2011 - 5th June 2015
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by: a71
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:31

Your friend must have broken some sort of rules otherwise why would they. There is quiet a few people complaining about service but I don't see them getting banned. 


I find your user name offensive and I think gg is in the position to ban you

Please accept a SOLUTION if you got your answer so we know you are sorted;D big
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by: abx
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:32

That is disgraceful news. Thanks for taking the time to write that long post.


GiffGaff: If that is true that you are deleting posts that highlight your services many flaws then you should be penalized by OfCom.

My currenty view of giffgaff = Excellent value packages but literally shockingly disgraceful site and service functionality.
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:34
Dear Hazel, perhaps your should put more effort into making peoples phone servive run smoothly. All you guys seem concerned about it the forum. If you run the telecoms side with half the vigour your woefully inadequates collegues run this forum, maybe these complaints would lower. I am sorry. You people really do need to do your primary jobs properly, that's making the phone work, not banning angry ignored, dejected users. I would. Never join this company unless I was financially challenged. Like a fine wine versus plonk! You pay for what you get. Unless you are with GG as it seems people are writing that you have incomplete service books? Do youi not have any access to level 2 RIM techs, Level 3 RIM techs are special I agree, but Level 2 RIM techs are employed by all GOOD reputable networks, seems like ur borrowing O2's lads, but there priority is o2 customers. This place reminds me of a pound shop.
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by: kiwatche
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:37
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i do have a ofcom case against gg going on at the moment but i wont be joining your group.
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by: pjr
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:39
Grow up people. Giffgaff don't delete posts that highlight any problems. Blimey , just look on the forum and you'll find a fair few. What will get the post removed is if any foul or abusive language is used or an offensive post. Quite often posts are moved to 'off topic' if it's just a rant so check there too.
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 20:40
And how do you know that? What proof have u got? None! You are sumising and guessing. I am with him, we are in the pub! And he has not done anything but highlight bad practices at GG which GG are hiding. There's lots off negative stuff all over the Net about GG atm. There deleting posts to cover up there blunders, Sims, add ons, goodbags, they shud just admit they are lost! And inadequate, and get some RIM techs in there rectory office in Beaconsfield, Bucks.
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