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Unhappy with GG?

Started by: giffgaffsucks
On: 15/03/2012 | 20:24
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:09
A fair few is an underatement. Forget the forum moderation. People want there phones to work!!!!!!!!
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:10 edited: 15/03/2012 | 22:46

Edited as irrelevant

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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:12
Anyway said my piece. I'm outta here. Vodafone rules!period! Get a job, get a contract!
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by: hazel22
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:12
No - I told Suki her thread had been moved to Off-Topic earlier,

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by: matt1111
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:21 edited: 15/03/2012 | 21:24

I really don't get why people bash about giffgaff all the time. It's a brilliant network. Not happy with it? Leave. Simple as that. No need for these bashful threads. If you have a complaint then use the complaints code....


Just another thing. You think giffgaff's poor? Try Orange/T-Mobile or even 3 - they're the worst. 

The best mobile network around!
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:26
Ahhh I apologise, I thgt suki was a reference to giffgaffSUKs . Hazel. Your a nice person. Seriously, Simon says this. But the same cannot be said for everyone in your office I am afraid. O2 genie died! Bcos of stuff like this. Don't think telefonica won't close down GG should u guys get a super complaint upheld against you by ofcom. Misleading claims of unlimited, charging for incomplete blackberry package, people with no service or an incomplete service not being refunded! I won't be suprised to see you guys on the BBC's watchdog program soon!
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:28
We will use what ever channels we want! You do not own us! u can not tell me what to do! P O !
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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:38
What you think is irrelevant, I dont care if u want me banned u nasty pathetic individual, you do not work for gg so u dont have a say, i find ur ''cicerone'' offensive, remove it?? Your like that child in class, 'miss, Miss, hes laughing miss, tell him off miss, ya know, the one every body hated?
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by: ianhadling
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:44

giffgaffsucks wrote:
We fought people like you in WW2. ....

WW2!!!!!! Wow!!!!! No hyperbole there then!!!!!  Sorry, I really am trying my best to suppress a chuckle!!


Please ... can't I feed them ..... pretty please??


Love n hugs

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by: giffgaffsucks
on: 15/03/2012 | 21:46

What a croc to compare any major network with GG, someone said earlier in this thread, try ''THREE' they are worse ''. Well the one tariff is the best on the market for 25 quid a month, and they have call centres, bad ones granted, but u get there in the end, and at least they are there!!! £25 sim only = 2000 any net mins, 5000 3 to 3 mins, 5000 texts and wait for it, TRULY UNLIMITED DATA TETHERING ALLOWED AND INCLUDED IN PRICE. So don't tell us ur rubbish, show me  A TARIFF OUT THERE BETTER?? I have herd of no one on three banned, WHY DON'T GG CAP PEOPLE INSTEAD OF JUST CUTTING THERE HEAD OFF, GG  u obviously are worried about ur payback, u will find all the people saying hang in there, ull be fine in the end, al are thinking of there payback!!!!! This company will be dead in 10 yrs unless major changes are made now, and new staff are hired, preferably technicians rather  than emailers!!!

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