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Started by: stigofthedumpuk
On: 19/04/2012 | 15:29
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by: stigofthedumpuk
on: 19/04/2012 | 15:53 edited: 19/04/2012 | 15:55

Oh well, if you've never heard of this kind of thing happening before then my frustration & anger is misplaced. I should just shut up & accept an appauling service. Unlucky? Maybe GiffGaff should run that on their adds, "We're a fantastic service, anyone who disagrees must be unlucky"

It is not going to kill me to take another number but aside from the fact i shouldn't have to, it WILL cost me money, i use my phone for some business purposes (As i do Twitter) & have business cards/contact details handed out to people with my current number. Aside from the cost of having to replrint those cards, i would also lose revenue when those with the current number tried to contact me BUT as i said, I shouldn't have to, i'm not asking for preferential treatment, i'm asking for a basic task to be carried out correctly.

As far as my being contacted in less than 24hours, excuse me if i don't pull the party poppers out anytime soon. Generally my issues have been half addressed & ONE exchange takes several hours, my issues of which there have been SEVERAL have required SEVERAL exchanges to resolve, unfortunately they still have not actually managed to resolve the over all issue of my not having an active SIM.

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by: leepassking
on: 19/04/2012 | 16:06
I'm sorry to hear of your bad luck with giffgaff. Giffgaff is a great network when It's running but It's getting harder to sell it.people.
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by: stigofthedumpuk
on: 19/04/2012 | 16:08

It would appear i am not the first to encounter such issues. Fortunately i have worked for several service providers in my time, including GiffGaff's parent company so i know about the ombudsmen & exactly what the repurcussions of the service i have received can potentially mean for GiffGaff.


On saturday morning, I am having to get myself back on air and buy a new phone and contract. I can't take much more of this. GG have lost my original number which was ported in sometime in November when I original recieved my first sim. Nobody actually anwers the questions. Just excuse after excuse. So please can you sort this one? I have a replacement sim, in fact two were sent - any advice. How do you clear the cache on your computer (PC). will that help?

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by: cj1987
on: 19/04/2012 | 16:10


Why are you trolling the community and this thread? If you're not happy with Giffgaff and don't like the service maybe you should reconsider why you moved here in the first place and if it's connected to your short posts... Well, I think you should accept it's what you're going to get when your half hearted yourself.



I don't think anyone wants you to shut up but sometimes you need to keep chasing things, yes it can be annoying but if you want to resolve the problem it's the only way. If you asked an agent, messaged an educator I can only suggest you keep trying to contact them or wait until you get a response. I don't know the number for support, though maybe one of the senior community members might be able to share this with you.

Goodluck resolving your problems.

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by: stigofthedumpuk
on: 19/04/2012 | 16:20

Thanks CJ..

I am not trying to badmouth GiffGaff, strangely enough i still want to use the network, i like the community foundation, it is a far bigger pull than the minor savings i would make. It has just been insanely frustrating & slow. It affecting my business & inturn causing me untold stress in my personal life. The biggest issue is that there is no next step. Until my SIM is active & i can use the network or they give me my PAC number i am just in limbo. That is the most annoying thing, i don't know that i can be a GiffGaff customer, which is dissapointing to me but if everytime i have a minor issue, it takes weeks for a resolution i would go crazy. I think my anger has now moved on to upset/dissapointment. It's become a burden i see no end to.

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by: jules9
on: 19/04/2012 | 16:46
Hi Stig,
You are not having much joy with giffgaff are you.
It really does seem that whilst most have a great experience, some have something akin to being a passenger on the titanic!!
I hope that someone from the Giffgaff hierarchy reads your posts and gets you sorted. There have been too many threads like this recently!
If I could buy you a pint I would but I guess a working phone would make you happier 🍻
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by: edwyman
on: 19/04/2012 | 17:08
I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience. Unfortunately the service here is not up to the standards of the more main stream networks(hence the big price differential). As you said, GG has been getting rave reviews and that is the reaction of most customers. Occasionally things do go wrong and usually they get fixed quickly.
Your experience is rare. It would be completely reasonable of you to run a mile from GG, but I would urge you not to. Once you are up and running, you will not notice the difference between this network and O2, 3 etc.
Good luck, I can only advise you to keep plugging away and to not let them forget about you!
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by: stigofthedump
on: 19/04/2012 | 18:17
Incase any newcomers are wondering where this issue stands. I have been in contact with a very helpful member of the complaints department who has offered to activate a new account & sim (hence the new username i think im posting from) with some credit as a temporary fix while the on going issue is resolved

The issue apparently being a life cycle issue, which is a problem with my account/mob number which means SIMs ordered appear faulty as they are auto deactivated before they can be activated (or something along those lines). This essentially means my account is defunct & i am unable to move forward with that account.

While this is far from an ideal situation & not a perfect resolution it is at least a start.

I can't say i am for a second happy with the service i have received so far however, Chris in complaints has been very helpful & i do like the community base for the network & people obviously sing GiffGaffs praises for a reason (Assuming you're not all on some commission i don't know about, other than for bringing in new users) so for the time being am willing to stick with it, not that there is any more room for error.

Hopefully the issue can be fixed in a few days. I will update accordingly
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by: stigofthedump
on: 19/04/2012 | 18:55 edited: 19/04/2012 | 18:58

Wanting compo? No you idiot, i wanted a service i had paid for & was promised. I wanted nothing more than that. Had i joined & gone straight to a working service almost a MONTH ago, i would have likely never ventured on to this board & certainly would have never had a bad word to say. I would much rather avoid the issue than solve it. I have lost money as i direct result of the issues. My options are to stick with GiffGaff & hope that the glowing reviews several of my customers/friends/business associates have given them are solid & truthful & that the issues i have encountered are as rare as Chris in complaints has explained. Or move network, which given that today is the first time i have been given that option would take at least 48 hours at the very minimum to do & them port across my number (which is more important than the deal i get) I left Vodafone on a tarrif that was actually CHEAPER than GiffGaff as i was unhappy with their service & had heard nothing but positive things about GiffGaff & i like the idea of the community base (although unfortunately with community you clearly also get some antagonistic cretins)

SO in short for those of you who don't seem to understand. I am a grown up who runs his own business rather than having mummy & daddy look after me & as such, every day without service adversely affects my income, i am in a catch 22 situation, if i stay (based on previous experience) my issue will drag out & i will lose money, if i leave, it will take time to find a suitable network, activate the sim, then port the number over. I will still lose money. I definitely deserve compensation however i would rather just have a service i should receive as standard as a paying customer.

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by: brulaw
on: 19/04/2012 | 19:00 edited: 19/04/2012 | 20:21

Those  kind of antagonistic comments  are not required , and  not helpful  ,  If you don't have anything constructive or helpful to offer please don't bother posting . 

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