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Started by: louis87721
On: 17/06/2019 | 16:44
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by: louis87721
on: 17/06/2019 | 16:44

got my first payback today 52 pound that is amazing thank you so much giffgaff!!!!!


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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 17/06/2019 | 16:47

Congratulations @louis87721  on your first payback 



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by: fredpostman
on: 17/06/2019 | 17:12

Congratulations to you and to everyone on their payback,we love giffgaff...😀

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by: endorphin
on: 17/06/2019 | 17:17

Hi @louis87721 congratulations! It's good here isn't it! Smiley Happy


For those who don't know, payback is giffgaff's reward system which pays out money, credit or charity donations in return for helping giffgaff. For more details about payback and how to earn it please see

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by: corky18joe
on: 17/06/2019 | 17:27
Just one reason why we love giffgaff. Congratulations on your payback keep sharing the love and try to beat that
Again we’ll done
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by: harryjulie1
on: 17/06/2019 | 17:57
Well done
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by: themzbiker
on: 17/06/2019 | 17:59



Congratulations on your first payback 


isn't giffgaff great it sure is enjoy it 👍

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