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Want someone to send you a Micro-SIM card? Look here.

Started by: green65
On: 28/03/2011 | 12:49
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by: green65
on: 28/03/2011 | 12:49

Hi everyone,
If you click the banner below you will be taken to a page where you can request a Micro-SIM from a randomly selected member.

For more of an explanation on why we've done this, read the message below Smiley Happy



When people order SIMs from giffgaff they get sent a full SIM with a pop out Mini-SIM. As phones have gotten smaller, SIMs have got even smaller now we have Micro-SIMs. The problem is that giffgaff does not send out Micro-SIMs because of the cost of producing them.

For some time the giffgaff community have been sending out pre-cut Micro-SIMs but it’s not organized, people were just told to just click links on signatures.

You can now request a Micro-SIM from a member using MicroGaff.

MicroGaff is very simple to use just enter your name, address and email, and a randomly selected member will send you a Micro-SIM.

If you want to send out Micro-SIMs then read the post below.



Order a Free SIMOrder a Free Micro-SIM
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by: green65
on: 28/03/2011 | 12:50 edited: 19/04/2011 | 11:21


You can join MicroGaff If:
Registered for 3+ months.
Not be a newbie giffgaffer.
Have 50+ posts.
Received 20+ kudos.

You also need:
Giffgaff SIMs.
A Micro-SIM Punch.
Stamps (1st and 2nd class).
Postbox nearby.
Printer (or neat handwriting).

Please only join the scheme if you are serious about providing a reliable service. Those who join and are found to be unreliable will be banned from the MicroGaff scheme.

If you meet the requirements above click here to join.




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Order a Free SIMOrder a Free Micro-SIM
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