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for now im staying as i been gg customer since august 2015

Started by: kate42
On: 31/01/2017 | 03:39
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by: clinteastwood43
on: 01/02/2017 | 20:18

kate42 wrote:

i not to sure hun no-ones got back to me at all and im thinking im not being helped i even put in a complaint also not happy at the moment :-(



Hey kate Smiley Happy


Good evenings Smiley Happy


Aw once again I am so sorry to 

hear this Smiley Sad


Can you contact an educator and

explain to them my friend .

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by: kate42
on: 02/02/2017 | 02:12
hiya there now i been told to close the 2nd account as ppl getting confused and so am i ,,,,lols,,,,,so how do i shut down my 2nd account the @kate944 account hmmmm
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by: harrrrrry
on: 02/02/2017 | 07:12



Having two accounts isn't in itself a problem. A person that has two sims must have two accounts because it's not possible to have two sims on the same account.


Even if you don't have another sim, there is no need to actually close the extra account -- in fact, it's not even possible to close account once it is open.


But you are only allowed to use one account in the forums or to earn payback. So the simple answer is to decide on one of the accounts and stick to it in future.

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by: kevincunno
on: 02/02/2017 | 07:58

Hi @kate42 i was so sad when I read your post this morning has if you do not have enough problems with your health you do not need to be having problems with your giffgaff account 

i am sure our educators or agents will be able to get your account sorted for you best wishers and love Kevin 

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by: bullphit
on: 06/02/2017 | 07:40
Sorry to hear about your problems
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by: egglassa
on: 06/02/2017 | 17:23
hello @kate42 fingers crossed this time
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by: kate42
on: 08/02/2017 | 19:25
it ok hun agents got in touch now then im leaving very sorry but thank you x
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by: clinteastwood43
on: 08/02/2017 | 20:41



Hey kate  Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear your leaving Smiley Sad


Have you really made up your mind 

and got something else lined up .

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by: kate42
on: 08/02/2017 | 23:00
well an agent has finally got in touch with the help of sloz,,,,and i want to stay and have gg as my 2nd fone as im on 02 contract but lets see if i can get my accounts in order as it shows my payback and i never received it and some how gone missing so lets wait and see but thank you for all your help too x
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by: kate42
on: 08/02/2017 | 23:03
well on my sim am @kate944 and @kate42 so you tell me how i done it lols
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