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giffgaff isnt just for Christmas were here all year round 24/7 for help , chat and friendship

Started by: kathleen414
On: 17/12/2018 | 15:12
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by: kathleen414
on: 17/12/2018 | 15:12 edited: 17/12/2018 | 15:48

    Hiya and welcome to giffgaff to all our new members from me and ALL you community friend


                   If your thinking of joining or have recently Smiley Happy

    giffgaff isnt just for Christmas were here all year around 24/7 for help , chat and friendship





As you will see we have members who stay with us from giffgaffs firsts steps that are still hee now, and many more who have been here for 6,7,8 years plus.



giffgaff is run by you  me and all your fellow members which make us a better network., have a look at our timeline brought bye our members




We think you will love giffgaff and even better the fab community , so please say hello and join in with all your fellow members


If you need a hand were all happy to help either on the community or via pm if you wish, or at our fab Knowledge base, created and maintained together with our members, the Knowledge Base has tips, tricks and guides on everything giffgaff. Knowledge Base



Join our chats by sharing your financial goals, interesting news ,Share and find the best hot deals and quick saving tips from our members.or just get a bit of inspiration from some friendly faces. Everyone is welcome.




The place for you to share and discuss your interests and hobbies. Fancy discussing tech, music, games, TV and more? It's all here.General-Discussion



At giffgaff our member's ideas power us to a better way. Your idea could help a fellow member, or it could help millions. So get your thinking cap on, and dive in Labs



Have a problem with your mobile service or phone? Post here and a community member will be happy to help you Help & support



Share the love

Get £5 credit for every new member you bring on board. They will also get £5 bonus credit when they activate their SIM. Sharing is caring after all

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You can find all our other fab parts of the community including games photography and our phone section buy new or second hand or even sell your old handset  ,So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and get involved.


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by: 4128334
on: 17/12/2018 | 15:19
Good Afternoon,
Great Post welcoming new members to the Community and giffgaff.
Have a, Great rest of the Day
Take care.
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by: antiochean
on: 17/12/2018 | 15:39

Well yes, GiffGaff's for life, not just Christmas....


But do feel free to drop in and let us know what your favourite carol is this Advent at: Advent and Christmas Carols


Smiley Happy

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by: clikasarus
on: 17/12/2018 | 15:46
Great post @kathleen414 very helpful not just for new members but for all 🎄👍🏻
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by: themzbiker
on: 17/12/2018 | 15:58

Cracking post

A very warm welcome awaits all new members joining giffgaff

Merry Christmas every one 🎅
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by: rajdip2294
on: 17/12/2018 | 17:34
Great post for all new members.

All the best
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by: natty88
on: 17/12/2018 | 18:40

' @kathleen414 great post as always tenor(9).gif



 Including all old or new members we're happy to help or just chat so don't be shy grab that sim and jump on it a warm welcome awaits you 

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 17/12/2018 | 19:01





Smashing welcoming post Kath😍

And let's hope Santa has a shiny new

Phone and Giffgaff sim card in his sack 😁

Cheers and merry Xmas

Yvonne 🎅

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by: brulaw
on: 17/12/2018 | 19:09 edited: 17/12/2018 | 19:17


                           Well said ..... Excellent welcoming post thumbup.gif                                                                         






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