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happy bunny

Hi allSmiley Happy


It has been 9 months since i joined giffgaff and iam very happy with it, i was with O2 was paying too much a month with gg i get even better service for less using ยฃ10 goodybag which is more than enough for me Smiley Happy 


So if you are thinking of joining giffgaff just go for it you wont regretSmiley Happy

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Re: happy bunny

aww nice one Smiley Happy

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Re: happy bunny

Great.It's the best move i've ever made since garbage contracts holding you prisoner now it's even worse it's 24 mths.
no one can go wrong on here+save a fortuneSmiley Happy

LesSmiley Happy
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Re: happy bunny

And so say all (or at least most Smiley Tongue) of us!

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Re: happy bunny

Love giffgaff and love a happy bunny
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Re: happy bunny

[ Edited ]

Hi alim786,

thanks for sharing! Glad you're happy with giffgaff Smiley Happy

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Re: happy bunny

nice alim
glad your still happt with gg
btw me too
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Re: happy bunny

good to hear

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Re: happy bunny

great review!


its great being here at giffgaff.

If anything helps, then don't forget to give me a Kudos!!
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Re: happy bunny

I think your experience closley reflects most people's who come to GiffGaff. Unfortunately some people suffer a few problems, it's a pity they don't overlook the minor disappointments and give GG a chance once everything is set up.

If you're considering Giff Gaff, take my advice..go for'll be very glad you did!
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