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how good is giffgaff?


how good is giffgaff?


giffgaff customers.not good is it

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Re: how good is giffgaff?

Hi phil its great
Been here a few months only wished I found giffgaff sooner
Give it a try phil you wont be sorry
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Re: how good is giffgaff?

I love giffgaff! Give it a try and see for yourself
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Re: how good is giffgaff?

i bet you get more complaints than good reviews its usually the case , the common one is 'no customer service' before i joined giffgaff  i made sure i read all about it , ie understanding the community find a lot of people go  "oh lets join this network that i know nothing about!!" then have a good old moan about it!

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Re: how good is giffgaff?

The best , give it a go

I never been happier

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Re: how good is giffgaff?

Ive not really had any problems in nearly 3 years off giffgaff Smiley Happy

All the 'omg gg went down and i was waiting for a call to receive a £20 million inheritance' type comments you see on so many review sites and this community is fully avoidable by having an emergency sim.
As much as people keep saying no 'full' network has these problems etc, they DO and ive been on all of them through a lot of them including the 1 week o2 outage, oranges south coast outage of 5 days 3 years-ish ago and many more. Lots of my friends on voda, tmob/ee have problems left right and centre all over the UK Smiley Sad

Recently a friend on EE had £20 odd credit and it all went on one 2 minute call to another EE number, it took him 4 months to get the credit back, with the 'instant' call centre help Smiley Sad

A spare sim is common sense, and solves a lot regardless of what 'reliable' network you are on Smiley Happy
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Re: GiffGaff is amazing!

giff gaff is great, if you arent intrested in a contract than theres really nothing to beat giff gaff. i wasted so much on t-mobile, giff gaffs just a million times better. you get to chose what you want with plenty of diffrent goodybags. plus all the payback points are really cool, and you even get free credit when you first sign up by clicing the banner below. its great give giff gaff a chance and you wont regret it!

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Re: how good is giffgaff?

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Hmm......giffgaff score 5.2

and here are some other scores:

O2 5.8

Virgin 5.0

Vodafone 3.6

EE 3.3


Not so bad is it  Smiley Wink


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Re: how good is giffgaff?

Ive been with giffgaff for about a year now and overal its been great, money wise its fantastic as you can change your plans so easily and have so much flexability that contracts dont give you,


tell me this, on a contract can you decide for the next few month to lower your monthly cot as your not using as much data as exspected?


Negatives are following.

The service is intermitent at times and when i need phone for work can be a pain in the a#%^ lol, esp when lacking any 3G signal which i need to view emails and send attachments.


Call Quality. now this may cause wraith from haters on me, but i do feel the overal call quality of giffgaff is lower than other networks esp the big ones O2, EE ect. I find the signal strength just isnt there at times.



But you pay for what you get and given im paying 12 quid a month im happy with it atm, although very interested in how they manage 4G given even O2 and the big boys having issues with signal reception lol

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Re: how good is giffgaff?

i have been on GG for about 5 months now and not looked back - its perfect for me....and no pathetic call staff to fob me off, as I can sort anything myself!


i was on o2 before, so i knew what their signal provision was, where G3 is or is not etc...i just wish that all the networks would sort out wider 3g access.  (i have a work phone on vodafone which is terrible around here for even getting a signal!)


I now have exactly the same service as i had with O2, but cheaper and I can control what i want!