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isle of Wight poor signal

Started by: ibringkarma
On: 14/05/2012 | 23:33
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by: ibringkarma
on: 14/05/2012 | 23:33
Just spent the weekend in isle of Wight. Word of warning signal there is very poor. Mrs had a bit more luck with three. Just something to consider if you live there or going there for some time and need your phone
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by: alyamani
on: 15/05/2012 | 03:36


I believe GG partners in Isle of Man are


Manx Telecom (Manx)   GSM 900

Manx Telecom (Manx)   3G 2100



Thanks anyway for the info.

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by: wenklaw
on: 15/05/2012 | 04:19 edited: 15/05/2012 | 04:25

according to o2 coverage the 2g coverage is near as 100% of the isle of wight indoors and outdoors although you have to appreciate dead spots will always exist particularly indoors.  2100 mnhz 3g is poor, basically covering a small part of the the north of the island but 900mhz 3g (3G900) is or should be pretty decent covering the majority of the island.


is your phone switched to 3g only as that would explain your signal issue particularly if your handset isnt 3G900 compatible? I always try switching to 2g only mode if the 3g signal is poor as i generally find the threshold that my mobile hangs onto 3g isnt particularly high although the calls do tend to handover from 3g to 2g fairly reliably.....sorry mate if i am teaching you to suck eggs!!!


if the above isnt the cause of the problem it suggests some kind of network fault or upgrade was in progess, although i had a quick look and couldnt find anything. (it was only a quick scan though) 


oh and alyamani the poster is asking about the isle of wight (covered by 02UK) not the isle of man which is classed as roaming.


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by: gypsy
on: 15/05/2012 | 07:08

yes it is poor down here.

but it dose work.

but not so good with iphones.

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by: regandeddie
on: 15/05/2012 | 12:08

I'm normally fine for signal (2g) but 3g signal coverage is very limited - my monthly data usage is around the 100mb mark as a result; home is one of the few places I can get 3g and I use wifi there anyway! 

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by: aaronjlaw
on: 15/05/2012 | 16:00
My signal was bad there but that was due to the Bestival crowds I think haha.
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by: rattymon
on: 28/05/2012 | 18:09

Hey I lived on the Isle of Wight till fairly recently and I can say that coverage is rather patchy regardless of what coverage sites say! If you go to the south west coast you can sometimes find yourself 'roaming' on a french network Smiley Tongue


But hey it's the Isle of Wight, behind the times and we like it that way!

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by: oh_kari
former giff-staffer

on: 28/05/2012 | 18:30
It wouldn't be the island if it weren't stuck in 1890!

There's been a lot of public opposition towards putting masts on the island and until recently there was a ban on having them on council-owned buildings. That's been overturned, but planning still takes a while- and I assume a lot of the members of the public are still fighting against it.

So I guess whilst you're down there you'll have to put up with being a little disconnected - although it's no hardship when you're in such a gorgeous place Smiley Happy

Kari xxx
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