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kinda newb

Started by: derekgiff
On: 21/06/2019 | 00:54
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by: derekgiff
on: 21/06/2019 | 00:54

hi y'all


I'm sort of new here - switched to giffgaff in April ... and am super impressed

Have read some interesting stuffs in here already

I even earned a badge thing (if I owned a printer I'd print it out)


Moving to the seaside soon and am pretty much selling or gifting (or reluctantly junking) everything I own

Aiming to have as little physical stuff as possible - kinda liberating already


I like smart phones (budget to mid-range)

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by: fredpostman
on: 21/06/2019 | 06:20

Welcome to giffgaff derekgiff,and your very positive views on your first couple of months here...😀

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by: jokeyboi77
on: 21/06/2019 | 06:46

Welcome to giffgaff and the community @derekgiff. 😀


And moving to the seaside is something alot of us would love, enjoy your new house. 👌

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by: smiler48
on: 21/06/2019 | 07:28

Welcome to giffgaff @derekgiff .  Glad to hear you are already impressed with what's on offer.  I hope you will continue to enjoy interacting and contributing in the giffgaff community 🙂🙂🙂

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by: themzbiker
on: 21/06/2019 | 07:39



A very warm welcome to the giffgaff community 


I'm glad to hear your a happy giffgaffer isn't it great giffgaff it sure is 


All the best in your new home at the seaside sounds lovely 

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by: pw6049
on: 21/06/2019 | 08:14
Welcome to Giffgaff Dereck
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by: bladerunner929
on: 21/06/2019 | 08:28

Welcome to the Giffgaff family @derekgiff glad you're settling in and enjoying the forums

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by: clikasarus
on: 21/06/2019 | 08:34

Hi   @derekgiff  A very warm welcome to giffgaff and the community

 I hope you enjoyed your first few months here at Giffgaff  , Have a good look 👀round as there is always loads going on,


Start by Trying here ⬇️


Forum Index


and if you get stuck in anyway, just ask and iam sure a member will help 👍🏻

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by: peterhall0012
on: 21/06/2019 | 08:35

Hello @derekgiff welcome to Giffgaff

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by: sha_shah1
on: 21/06/2019 | 08:37



Hope you will enjoy your stay with giffgaff
We have some really interesting forums which i am sure you will like them so please click on the link below and take a look.

All the forums are open 24/7 so if you get a problem or just fancy a chat you will always find a friendly gaffer on the end to answer you.

So enjoy the giffgaff experiance


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