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not very happy

Started by: caseylouise1
On: 26/04/2012 | 11:16
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by: caseylouise1
on: 26/04/2012 | 14:28

yes just not bbm   

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by: mrxt
on: 26/04/2012 | 14:33
Iv had no trouble with the giffgaff network, so if you are having trouble you should speak to your friendly neighborhood agent.
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by: jon_grose
on: 26/04/2012 | 14:33

hmm, see according to that, everything is working apart from BB add on which should be working. hmmm, i think, i'm sorry to say, you have to wait for a reply from an educator, like i said, this is an account related issue which only staff of GiffGaff can help you with, members like me in the community can only advise you on what to do. Sorry. I hope you get this sorted out very soon. keep us updated!! Smiley Happy Good Luck

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by: myrihdez
on: 26/04/2012 | 14:36
So, sorry, it doesn't look great deal Smiley Sad
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by: maverick78
on: 26/04/2012 | 15:53 edited: 26/04/2012 | 16:01

johnaldinio wrote:

you need the £3 blackberry add on, this is not giffgaffs fault this is your own fault Smiley Happy

OMG how many of you can't even read properly, the OP said twice that she had bought the add on before the above stupid response..... If you can't be bothered to spend the time to read the original post properly don't respond, you're offering no help whatsoever.


To the OP, agents can take days, even weeks to respond unfortunately, if it states in your payment history that both the goodybag and add-on have been delivered then you can be sure that it's not your fault..... especially if you're able to get someone elses sim to work in your phone. Hopefully an educator will get an agent to contact you soon about it.

Be sure to ask for compensation, they will at least refund for anything you've not been able to use..... It's just typical of gg unfortunately that it's totally pot luck if something works or not, as you highlighted 2 people buying the same thing works for one and not the other.....

If someone has helped or u think they've said something worthy of note, give them KUDOS. Also, remember to close ur thread if u've resolved ur issues by accepting a specific post as a SOLUTION.
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