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swap sim keep 02 number

Started by: pauly105
On: 01/10/2012 | 13:42
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by: pauly105
on: 01/10/2012 | 13:42

i have account for a blackberry with giffgaff and lost phone,i got new sim to go with new sony xperia phone, and sim doesn't work. giffgaff sent new sim for a friend and i have placed it in the phone and it is working, now i would like to remove blackberry account , and activate new giffgaff card wont activate because i already have an existing account, i also want to port my old o2 number( that i've been using) over to giffgaff.

 can u help please. paul

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by: amir667
on: 01/10/2012 | 13:46
you need a new account for the new sim to activate.
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by: ste53
on: 01/10/2012 | 13:49

new sim, new account, your old account will deactivate after six months of not being used. ask 02 for your pac code and port it to gg,

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by: rong42
on: 01/10/2012 | 15:48

as said above, each sim needs it own account


if you wanted to, log into the blackberry account, and then use this link to report the sim as lost

giffgaff will then send you a replacement sim (1st class I think), for your blackberry account (so you will keep the same number, credit, payback, etc on that account)


otherwise, just create a completely new account, active your new sim on that new account, and away you go


for porting your old number, you'll need to get a PAC off o2. sort out your account first (either the replacement sim or activating the new one) and then follow this guide


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by: the_releaser
on: 01/10/2012 | 16:13
why dont you sign into your old account (the blackberry one) and report the sim and phone lost. Giffgaff will block that phone and send you out a replacement sim with that old number on it. Then if you really wanted you could just port your o2 number onto that account.
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