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tethering questions

Started by: joshnosh
On: 11/04/2011 | 13:33
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by: joshnosh
on: 11/04/2011 | 13:33

1. how do they know, im not saying im going to start teathering every device in site but being a techincal person im quite curiuso as to how they find out?

2. im a member off a car pc group ( back when O2 used to offer unlimated internet on PAYG alot off members used to put 02 sims in usb dongles. theres a thread at the moment and a member has sugested buying a giffgaff sim to put in a dongle.

obv they would be paying 10 quid a month for the goody bag and i dought the usage would go abouve 1gb as its not used like a home pc more like any other mobile device except you can only use it while your in the car.

would this be classed as tethering?



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by: andy0
on: 11/04/2011 | 13:38 edited: 11/04/2011 | 13:39

that is classed as tethering, and it is outside the terms, as I'm sure quite a few posts will soon say, and the methods of detection aren't disclosed, though again some forum members will speculate on that with probably varying degrees of likely accuracy

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by: mat087
on: 11/04/2011 | 13:45
They know from the data usage at any one time, see if you use a mobile the web pages viewed are cut down, via image scaling etc, therefor if using a pc the size of the webpage loaded is greater than on a mobile device so really even if you just loaded a few pages from a laptop etc GG would know
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by: joshnosh
on: 11/04/2011 | 13:55

but i never use cut down pages on my phone? i always use the full site whitch looks exactly the same as if it dose on my pc?

and i always view youtube vids on HQ whenever i rarely do use it


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by: hugh1988
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:01 edited: 11/04/2011 | 14:03

If they see you are ONLY using your sim for data, they will suspect something fishy.


I don't think the previous post about non-mobile versions of web pages should be an issue, as I like to load the full web pages instead of the mobile versions on my phone.


Using the sim in you're phone and using it in your car PC will be fine as long as you keep the data usage low.

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by: mat087
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:17
it is recognised as a mobile device though as the webpage will look exactly the same to you from your phone viewing the full web page but the images etc are shrunk in size, remember your phones resolution is not as good as a monitor, this means it uses less data as the image is shrunk but still looks clear on the display of your phone
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by: joshnosh
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:23

i think people want to use it as dongle only as they alredy have phone contracts


thing is i can get ubunt on my old phone. whitch would be running firefox and look excactly like any pc as fair as i know and i think its pritty hard for them to prove that someone was teathering rather than using a smart phone if they where using ubuntu on there phone.


also i would imagin that most car pcers would use it for data like fual price apps that need the internet


i think giff gaff is great but its kind off ironic because although it dosent officaly have a fair usage polacy it dose! its "dont take the piss!"

 its just not written down in the same way it would be on 02 or tmobile (altough 500mb is far from unlimated)


thanks for the help

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by: hugh1988
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:31
Yeah well go for it then! As long as you "don't take the piss".
There's nothing stopping you, and if you get banned you get banned. Worth a try!

...although, perhaps you should register a different sim with a different account now! Smiley Wink
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by: joshnosh
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:41


my phone has a large hi res screen and as fair as i can tell it dose scalle them down but not that much i think it depends on browzer settings or choice off browzer

car pc screens arnt all that great to be honest considerin the price off a 22" monitor thease days the price off a 7" is a rip off

my one is only 800x400

my phone(desire z) has a res off wait for it ...."Resolution: 480 x 800 WVGA"


 so apart from the fact you make no calls i dont think they would notice.

after all your paying for at and not useing any calls or texts and probably alot less internet than some people

and its not a contract so the worst that will happen is they block you and you go and get a sim from someone else

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by: joshnosh
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:47

for the record.

i donot plan to tether my phone or put my sim in a dongle i was ask on behalf of my forum


(giff gaff staff if you ban me for teathering when im actualy not then i will only assume your banning me for talking about the matter on this site and that you cant actualy detect teathering and your just doing it so you can pretend you can. feel free to investage me once i get my sim though if thats actualy somthing you do)

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