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giffgaff gameplan is closing down

Started by: tom_tee
On: 13/08/2019 | 09:39
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by: tom_tee
handy giff-staffer

on: 13/08/2019 | 09:39

Hey all, 


As many of you will know, we launched giffgaff gameplan earlier this year with the goal of helping our lovely members manage their money. We’re always experimenting with new ways to give members something valuable to them. Sometimes these things work and on occasion, sadly, they don’t. 


Open banking is an exciting new service which promises more control over our money than we’ve ever had before, and as you know, we’re all about giving you control at giffgaff. However, we need to focus our efforts on the things that our members get the most value from, and as open banking is still in its infancy we feel the time isn’t right to continue down this path. 


Although we’ve had a lot of interest, both from people using our services and from members who just wanted to help us build a better product, we’ve had to make the decision to stop development on giffgaff gameplan.


This means that on 30th August 2019 we’ll be shutting our service down, which will include both our personal finance manager and our free credit report. From that date, you will no longer be able to access giffgaff gameplan. 


Rest assured all your personal data will be securely deleted. 


We know giffgaff gameplan gave many of you some really interesting insights into your personal spending and started to help you see where you could save money each month.  We know we’ve got a lot of people in the community who know a lot about personal finance, and we don’t want to leave anyone hanging. If you have a personal finance manager or free credit report service you’d like to recommend, make sure you let other members know about it here, and we can make sure they can continue to manage their money well.


Thank you so much for being part of giffgaff gameplan. We couldn't have come this far without the advice and feedback from you, our members. We’re gearing up for our next big project, and we want to do the next one together as well, so make sure you can stay up to date with what is going over on our giffgaff Pioneers Facebook group, and stick around on our community to help build and feedback on everything we do.


From all the giffgaff gameplan team, thank you for joining us on this journey. Your comments, conversation and feedback have really helped us shape giffgaff gameplan in a way that was run by you. 


Thank you,

Tom & the whole giffgaff gameplan team 

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by: davidevans0000
on: 13/08/2019 | 09:56
That's a shame tom and thanks for the info.
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by: endorphin
on: 13/08/2019 | 09:57

Yh, I always thought it was a bridge too far for an MVNO!


I'll miss the free credit report though.

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by: giffgaff20147
on: 13/08/2019 | 10:47


Hello that’s a shame the credit report was one of the better ones for detail much better than clear score 


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by: dusty321
on: 13/08/2019 | 10:48

What a pity... A bridge to far. 


Will miss the free credit report, that was useful. 

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 13/08/2019 | 10:48
I’m not overly surprised I wasn’t overly keen on the nameto start with and in reality a lot of other places are far ahead in the game and in this economic climate it’s probably not worth throwing more money at it. I do hope the staff on that side won’t loose out though.
Will the community side go ? If not can we think of changing the name a bit ?
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by: dcaravana
on: 13/08/2019 | 10:49
What about sharing the code as open source?
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by: darkmechatron
on: 13/08/2019 | 10:52

That's a shame. I did browse the page from time to time but hopefully it will mean improvements in other features that enhance our experience. Excited to see what comes next!

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by: cassg78
on: 13/08/2019 | 11:05
CreditKarma is a good detailed report - my mortgage provider even asked for it. Updates weekly!
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by: robyn_
on: 13/08/2019 | 11:12


this was a really great tool for me to sort my finances 

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