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COMPETITION - Why is knowing your credit score important? - WINNER ANNOUNCED

Started by: juan_p
On: 26/07/2017 | 16:22
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by: juan_p
former giff-staffer

on: 26/07/2017 | 16:22 edited: 03/08/2017 | 16:46

Hi all,


We will be revamping the Free Credit Report dashboard sometime next month (don’t worry, we’ll share more info on this closer to the date) and apart from integrating the community directly into the new dashboard, we also want to give a shout-out to our members.


That’s why we’re asking for your help and adding a little prize for your troubles.


From all the wonderful feedback on the credit report you have all provided through the forums and PMs, most of you have found it very useful and we want you to help us spread the word further with a few inspiring quotes.


So, the real question is:


“Why is knowing your credit score important to you?”


We want to know how you find knowing your score useful and if it has helped you achieve or aim for a specific goal.


From all the answers that we receive on this post, we will be including and highlighting the best ones on our new dashboard. We will also be giving away 3,000 payback point to one lucky member chosen at random.


All you need to do is drop a reply with your quote or story and we will announce the winner on the 3rd of August on this post (and sending a confirmation via PM).


Have a think and post your best ideas here and you might walk away with 3,000 payback points next week!


EDIT - We have our winner!


We are happy to announce that the winner of this competition is @louqmanali1786.


Thank you all for giving us a helping hand and join me in congratulating our competition winner. 


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How to enter:

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Judging & Disqualification Criteria and the Prize

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  • The Winner will be contacted/ notified by Private Message through the giffgaff community and announced on the giffgaff money forum board.
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The promoter of this Competition is giffgaff (that's us), Hertz House, 11 Vine Street, Uxbridge, UB81QE





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by: susanwilson80
on: 26/07/2017 | 18:08
So you can improve your credit score (if required) before applying for a big loan or mortgage, without affecting your credit rating.
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by: jjayleon
on: 26/07/2017 | 18:18

If you're planning a big financial move, it's important to be ahead of the game - you don't want the people you're trying to convince to work with you on the matter to be the ones to find any problems before you've even had chance to sort them out!

Don't forget to kudo helpful posts! Smiley Happy
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by: davidevans0000
on: 26/07/2017 | 18:34
I have a good credit score it's 956 yet companies have turned me down for credit how strange.
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by: clinteastwood43
on: 26/07/2017 | 19:10 edited: 26/07/2017 | 21:33

Hey Juan and everybody .


A very good evenings .


Firstly a big thankyou to giffgaff money 

for providing a free credit card report .


And this is a very worthwhile thing to be

looking at doing folks .


I think when it comes to our finances it is 

important to have a Battle Plan .


And checking into our past history & all 

our dealings with partners & companies 

is very important & can affect our credit

history .


May be a simple thing 


1) Are we all on the voters list .


As banks and lenders will always check 

that your real & use this for indentify .


2) Have we closed down old credit cards

store cards direct debits & those deadly 

mobile phone contracts .


3) Not getting into the Red with the late 

repayments .


Morgages ulitility bills council tax etc .


4) Consolidating applications 


Too many applications can go against

us and seem dodgy .


5) Active current history 


Having a history on your credit card &

a regular pattern of payments can be 

seen as healthy & lenders can see us 

managing money responsibility .


6) Separate credit builder card


Can be a really good way to save into & 

boast ones credit card rating & to curry

favour with lenders .


These are a few things I feel with hold us

in good stead and I am sure you would all

agree we all need to be more organized &

try our best and aim to debt free guys .

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by: gsklb04
on: 26/07/2017 | 19:56

The main reason you need to know your credit score, may not interest most people ( mostly the young ones ) 


but its best to keep it good now for later in life, just little things can help, if you having a credit card or even a phone contract can help your credit history and build it up for you. 


But always always remember to pay it of in FULL.
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by: clinteastwood43
on: 26/07/2017 | 20:09

gsklb04 wrote:


The main reason you need to know your credit score, may not interest most people ( mostly the young ones ) 


but its best to keep it good now for later in life, just little things can help, if you having a credit card or even a phone contract can help your credit history and build it up for you. 


But always always remember to pay it of in FULL. 


Hey geoff Smiley Happy


Good evenings Smiley Happy


Hope you are feeling a bit better 

matey Smiley Happy


Excellent advice as always my 

friend Smiley Happy


And paying off your Credit Card 

in Full is so so Important .

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by: juan_p
former giff-staffer

on: 27/07/2017 | 13:41
Some nice entries so far! Keep them coming Smiley Happy
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by: isabel1066
on: 27/07/2017 | 14:32
for years we never did a credit score check we always had no problems getting credit.but when you have a look it gives a lot of info and tells you if any mistakes that banks building society's etc add to your credit score.then you can contact them to get this info corrected.
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by: kitttykati
on: 27/07/2017 | 16:00
So i used my credit report to help me understand my likelihood of getting a mortgage at 23. I was important to track who was searching my credit report as we applied for all sorts of things, and manage the way i was viewed as a customers.

Thankfully ive always been pretty money savvy, so i had no problems. But a colleague didn't understand why he was being offered such expensive rates when he was house hunting. So i got him to check his score. it was low. Having used mine so much i was able to help him increase his.
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