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Thinking of switching from IPhone to something else........?

At the time the IPhone 6S and 6S PLUS were released I had an 5S. I wasn't massively impressed with the improvements advertised in these phones and was pretty frustrated that some features were missing, features that other manufacturers had included in their flagship phones e.g. Waterproofing, NFC, Micro SD card slot, NFC ..... I really think that Apple were playing it safe. 


Because of this I started to look at other phones and ended up briefly with a Sony xperia Z5. A great phone I'm sure but it felt like loosing a limb not having my iPhone. I'd already invested in the iPhone infrastructure and had even bought an iMac. Plus lots of the features the Sony had promised did not live up to expectations. i ended up sending the Sony back and ordering a 6S plus. Ok reasons to get a 6S plus;


- a very smooth and considered user interface


- a massively quality product that when you hold feels like it's worth the money 


- a very large screen which makes it ideal for use as a sat nav, e-book, gaming device 


- a huge amounts of accessories from Apple and 3rd party manufacturers


- continuing software support and updates from Apple 


- a camera which takes very high quality front and rear shots. The selfie camera has been upgraded and this is very the 6S has a feature where the screen flashes when you're taking a selfie and this is actually useful in low light. Megapixel wise the other phones are higher but this does not from my experience determine a great picture and the Sony Z5 I had with its 22 odd mexapixels didn't produce half as good an image. 


- the most amount of apps you actually want/need from the Apple Store 


- fantastic Connectivity with other Apple products e.g. iMessage, FaceTime etc....


in summary.....IT JUST WORKS. Minus the screen being a little hard to hold compared to the smaller models...This is the least stress phone you can buy. You know what you're getting


decent iphone

no need to go over the specs we all know them, love the size, the power and the battery life. everything just works 3d touch is a nice feature. the speakers sound prety good also all in all a very decent iphone 


iPhone 6s Plus

upgraded from a 6 plus and it might only be a small upgrade but its enough for me. camera is slightly better, speed is slighter quicker, the 3d touch is a nice touch. no bloatware unlike competitors and does what it says on the box and feels a very solid device. syncs nicely and have had no glitches or bugs yet. the battery has been amazing so far too lasting well over a day and half whilst still using for checking email, facebook and general browsing when i get to sit down for a break!

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iPhone 6s Plus 16gb

amazing phone up graded form the iPhone 5s definitely worth the upgrade 



I ordered a 6s plus at 9.46 on Thursday evening and immediately got confirmation of my order and that it would be delivered on Friday.


On Friday morning UK Mail sent a message with a one hour delivery slot and the phone arrived at 12.30


What a great experience!


The phone itself is fantastic. I had a 6 and the difference in speed and function is noticeable.

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giffgaff it's the best operations!!  Werry fast delivery and in good condition Smiley Happy)


Amazingly quick service from giffgaff

Just had to share my experience buying an iPhone 6S Plus 128GB from giffgaff.


Purchased yesterday at 11am (this was a Sunday) and the phone arrived by 12pm midday the next day.... amazing! Especially considering I ordered it on a Sunday.


No other network comes close to that level of service. giffgaff you are well and truly EXCEPTIONAL! I will definately recommend you.


Oh and by the way, the phone is excellent too :-)


Possibly my greatest handset ever... 6S Plus...

This is my girlfriends account, she bought the iPhone 6S PLUS for me (Im know as Crim of giffgaff), Having left the iPhone shortly after the iPhone 3GS I moved to the BlackBerry 9900 running BB7 then to the Q10 running BB10 which I absolutely adored, I still think BB10 is one of the greatest OS's ever made, so stable and secure, also love having a full and real physical keyboard. Before BlackBerry 7, couldn't get on with BlackBerrys at all but post BB7 I loved them! I had a brief encounter with Android on my Galaxy S3 which was excellent but found it very 'plasticiy' and the Android OS although good just didn't find it great. Even though Ive been a big Mac user for 15 years or more couldn't get on with the fact apple wanted money off me for everything even after shelling out a load of money for the handset. But although side loading apps on my Q10 was all fine I was finding that more and more apps were starting to either not work or becoming so unsteady they were unusably, so reluctantly I migrated to IOS again with an iPhone 6S PLUS, I was going to wait for the iP7 but thought what the hell. And as I use apple everything I missed that seamless integration with my MacBookPro from my previous iPhones. My god how good is the iP6 PLUS?! Its fantastic, OK there's still the fact I gotta buy everything via apple witch is annoying beyond believe and there's certain things like downloads and ringtones that I either cant do or are restricted from but Im so happy with it, its fantastic, one of the best handsets I've ever used some of the little things like 'peeping' is awesome, I do miss the BlackBerry Hub though, definitely an Ace card BB10-BlackBerrys have over the iPhones, and the physical keyboard and the super stable OS are unrivalled. The build quality of the iPhone is typically apple, desirably and very 'must have' they always have a way of manufacturing something you feel you 'must have'! OS wise IOS 9 is fantastic and the retina screen makes you drool and the way your Mac seamlessly bonds with your handset is something Id forgotten I missed as much, I could go on forever about how good the iP6 PLUS is but I dont wonna be to fanboyish but take it as you willl the IP6+ is jaw-droppingly good everything about it is pure class and takes pride of place when its sat by my MacBookPro, and the 'buy it from giffgaff' service is brilliant absolutely brilliant I ordered the phone 9PM on the Sunday and UK-Mail were delivering it to me at 9:30AM the Monday morning the day after!! Ordering and delivery to door in under 13 hours! Absolutely phenomenal the iPhone 6 Plus a great phone and cant get enough praise from me!!


Impossible to know what GB you are buying on pre-owned iphone :-(

I selected to purchase a pre-owned iphone 6s plus today. There was one available in grey and I placed the order. Having already looked at what was available new and having seen the way in which it was possible to select both the GB version and the colour I had thought I was able to do the same with the pre-owned phone. Nevertheless, having unfortunately managed to convince myself I had selected the right one in hindsight I realise that on the pre-owned phone purchase I was only able to select for colour and not for GB memory and so have ended up purchasing one that will be totally unacceptable. There was absolutely no indication of the memory size in the description of the phone as far as I could find and so impossible to know what you are buying. Very disappointed as I am now £400 out of pocket and may not have enough time to turn it round, get my money back to buy an alternative in time for my daughter's birthday. :-(


no show

I ordered the phone on the 8/11/16 with next day delivery and its now the 14/11/16 and still nothing im really not impressed


Amazing phone

This device is amazing, camera is brilliant. Battery lasts long. 


iphone 6s plus

amazing phone



Well where do I start? This phone is just amazing! I fell out of love with the iPhone post 3GS in all honesty, the restriction apple imposed over you annoyed the hell out of me but Ive needed a new handset for a few months now and just didn't know what to get. Ive been using the BlackBerry Q10 and PassPort for a few years now and Ive nothing but great things to say about them, I think BB-10, the OS is fantastic, secure, stable and just out and out excellent to use the Hub being the stand out best thing about it, and I really do miss it but although side loading Apps (getting Apps that weren't designed to work with BlackBerry handsets, work on them) wasn't a problem, I was finding more and more Apps were getting so temperamental they were often that unstable they were unusable. So I needed a new phone, I had briefly had a Galaxy S3 when they came out and although it was great I missed my ful QWERTY keyboard so found myself selling it and buying a BB-PassPort which was fantastic Ive nothing bad to say about it!

So, the new phone, I was going to hold out for the BlackBerry DTEK 50 but missed the seamless integration Id had with my older iPhones and my Mac computers, something I didnt have with my beloved BlackBerrys. I thought "what the hell" im gunna try IOS9 then I started to look in to the iPhone again and was going to wait for the IP7 but after reading in to it I thought better of it and went an ordered the 6PLUS from giffgaff and my god - im blown away, OK the restrictions are still there and its somthing Ive gotta just deal with but its so nice to have a handset that just.... dose! The way it just works in tandem with my MacBook is brilliant I love it and apple music, just amazing, its truely the best phone Ive ever used, I do miss a full QWERTY and the BlackBerry Hub, I wont lie, but having a phone that just does everything you ask it to is awesome! Thinking about waiting like I was? Dont, get a 6PLUS you wont be let down, trust me!!


6s plus

So i bought this phone brand new as soon as it was released and loved it. 

Good points 

  1. big screen easy to use and see and your never want a small one again 
  2. fast and much better than the previous iphones 

Bad points 

  1. the big screens great unless your a girl who likes going out drinking. It fits in no jacket pockets, small clutches and barely in the back of your jeans!
  2. the battery after a year is rubbish just like all other iphones by 2 years will basically be useless
  3. make sure to go for bigger storage as your icloud takes it all up so im constantly having to delete things even though i pay for extra icloud usage but my phone cant hold it all 

Still no phone

Waited all day for the phone to arrive hasn't turned up quick to take the first payment not happy avoid 



It completely shuts down in low temperatures. Fully charged battery reads as empty and then shuts down. Once warm, it can bee started up again showing a full battery!! Camera is poor. My old Nokia 12megpix was so much clearer and produced high quality photographs, this iphone 12 megapix is tut. Do not recommend


preowned giffgaff iphone 6 - faulty

bought a preowned iphone 6s+ from giffgaff - failed an Audio test at apple store (and v poor battery so replaced) - surely gifffgaff do basic tests before reselling ? as they say they do ? now only option seems to be send it back and wait for a replacement - how convenient


iPhone 6s Plus

great phone 


As the phone is my daughters

she says: it's the best phone ever.


It's very hard to pry it away from her death grip hold of the phone to even get a look at it,  as she tells me I'm ancient and no nothing anyway, I cannot tell you anything about the phone myself as I've never owned a Iphone.


So far all I know is; she's happy and it works, her father and I just pay the bill.


iphone 6s plus