Apple iPhone 6S
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Fast delivery

Ordered just before 10pm last night and receive my found around 9am this morning. Loving my new phone. Not being tied in a contract I guess is great. You have the option to choose goody bag that suits your need increase or decrease data use. Thumbs up to giffgaff


Love my iPhone 6s

This is by far the best phone I have ever had!! I never used to like iPhones but I took the plunge and love it 😊


Couldn't be happier

  • I ordered my new iPhone 6s 64gb on Wednesday evenings round 5pm-6pm, it was delivered to my front door Thursday at 1pm the next day. Never thought it would have been so quick. Was exactly what I ordered and perfect condition. The fact I can pay it of monthly and fully pay the amount at any time I wish without a penalty is more than I could wish for. 10/10 service from giffgaff. Also the phone itself it amazing, great design, very fast and battery life top class, easily lasts a full day with very heavy use playing videos, music and phone calls. 

Phone ordering

Phone ordering is not an easy process. First you have to order the phone, then if requiring a loan, the order is declined. Ratesetter are contacted. They send an email. You click the link to go to your order - no, wait - you have to make the order ALL OVER AGAIN. That's a really efficient use of my time. Not.


Very clunky ordering. Idea: keep the original order, status = 'pending loan agreement', when ratesetter return the email saying 'go for it', click their link in the email to go to THE ORIGINAL ORDER and change status to 'Processing'. There. I am available to design you a new system if required. Competetive rates. Talk to your Business Analyst. 


Don't make customers order TWICE! It's very frustrating!


iPhone 6s

just the fastest phone out there!


Iphone 6s

Thanks to everybody from giff gaff - they gave me the best price for my new iphone 6s ! Fast delivery and no priblems !!! Thanks !


Iphone 6S

Relatively straight forward process with getting new phone. Opted to pay monthly for it, rather than large upfront cost.

Would suggest that Giff Gaff advise customers that subsequent emails that will come to us from Ratesetter, may fall into spam filters on email so some folks would be under impression that process has finshed, only to find that its not.

Anyhoo, phone finally arrived, a day after I was advised it would. Delivery service not fab.

Phone itself is fab, quick, and sexy, I should have upgraded ages ago!


I phone 6s

Wow I have to say I was a bit nervous ordering this from giff gaff seeing some reviews but I cant rate them high enough. UK mail gave an estimated time and it arrived on time and im so happy with my purchase. Having upgraded from a 5C im so happy with the phone and the service I recieved from giff gaff and UK mail. Thanks team Smiley Happy


PRE OWNED IPHONE 6S 64GB (Excellent - like new condition)

My boyfriend and I decided to treat ourselves with a brand new Iphone and as we weren't too impressed with the Iphone7, we decided to go for a 6S instead. We've discovered about giffgaff marketplace about a few hours looking into prices online and decided to give it a shot buying two pre-owned Iphones instead of brand new ones to save a good amount of money. We were a little bit aprehensive at first, but once the phones arrived we were so happy to realise that we worried for nothing. The phones were working perfectly, no cosmetic damage, inputs clean, charging normally, perfect sound coming out of the speakers, IOS running smoothly and overall we can say we've got what we wanted and we can't recommend this enough! - Getting pre owned phones can be a little discouraging when getting a new handset but to be fair it's just the same thing! Very pleased with mine Smiley Very Happy


Ps: Parcels delivered by UK mail (in no time), you'll get a small box, the phone wrapped in it, a new charging cable with an apple sim card pin inside and a new giffgaff sim for swaps. 


Overall package

Firstly, the service I have had from giffgaff has been fantastic. From ordering my new phone to choosing the correct goodybag for my requirements I have been fully in control and well informed all the way.

The phone is an iphone 6S and it is a fabulous piece of kit to have at hand. As this is my second iphone I am already well schooled on how Apple works in unison with its products. If you are considering moving to Apple just be sure to have a good look around their website to ensure that it will deliver what you need.

The 6S is a great device that can deliver everything fast and clear thanks to the display and processing power within it and it is easy on the eye as well.  IOS 9  is a joy to use and Apple consistently deliver a nice and easy almost foolproof experince to the end user.

Use the online guide as to how to get a handle on this phone as it has a few very handy tricks up its sleeve.

Overall I would highly recommend giffgaff and almost certainly the iphone 6S as your next device.



I am really impressed with giffgaff price. That is really affordable. Keep doing the excellent business.



Fast delivery service

I ordered my new iPhone 6S yesterday and it arrived by 9am this morning. I really cannot fault the fast delivery service and the Giff Gaff price for this phone, which is about Β£20 cheaper than other retailers.  I previously had an iPhone 5 which had such a poor battery life, and so far so good with the iPhone 6S.  I love all the new features and at the moment I'm very happy that I bought this phone. I went for the slate grey as I previously had a silver phone and I wanted to go back to a black-fronted phone which I think I prefer.  I always put my phone in a case so the colour on the back was irrelevant to me!


iPhone 6s

I ordered my new iPhone 6s in rose gold wow I love it does all I want and more I'm glad my wonderful fiancΓ© treat me to it also it came the very next day very fast delivery the colour is beautiful I love it I'm very happy


Loving it!

Ordered the phone yesterday afternoon and it arrived before 10am today! Great service! I upgraded from the iPhone 5S and I'm loving the 6S so far! I got the rose gold colour too and I think it's gorgeous. I'd pre-ordered from Apple but was told I wouldn't recieve it for a while, so was very happy when I saw it on here instead. I love the 3D touch and I'm so glad I waited for the 6S and didn't go for the 6. Phone came unlocked which was great as I was putting my EE sim card into it that's still on contract. 



I was lucky enough to be gifted one yesterday (25 September)! It's our 40th wedding anniversary in a few days and I thought a trip to Venice was just right, then I get this too. How lucky am I?


I digress.... My old phone was iPhone 4 - a dinosaur by this standard - I was charging twice a day and no longer getting the software updates. I remember moaning that Apple should stop with the gimmicks and concentrate on the fundamental problem of battery life - I've been on the new one non stop since I got it and I still have 60%.


Very nice, does everything I want it to and more, but DO get one with more gb. I intend to use this one for as long as my last one, so with some foresight, my husband got the 124gb. Personally, I don't think it's worth getting less gb unless you don't keep the phone for long. It just seems like the new apps take up more and more room and I was sick of being told my phone was too full to take a photo!


If I can find any negative, it's that my phone usually lives in my pocket and this one won't fit!


iphone 6s

Great phone, great features, soooooo fast love it!!!!  


I love my phone!

I upgraded from an iPhone 5 and can see a massive difference in speed and screen quality. 

This is a lovely phone

id recommend not getting the 16gb phone, I don't think that's enough space for anyone who wants to do anything with their phone. 


iPhone 6s: The only thing that's changed is erm...

Every year apple gives us a new iPhone but it takes 2 years (usually) for a big design update, but this year we are in the β€œs” cycle and not much has changed on the outside except from an β€œS” in the San Francisco font apple has come to love in the recent year, also grown (slightly) but we will get back to that later. Regardless, Apple have made a-lot of improvements internally, including a force touch display, known as β€œ3D touch”. New chips to make the phone β€œthat much faster” (apple never really tells us how much exactly.) But so far we would highly recommend this phone to all users in need of an upgrade.


iPhone 6s probably the best phone ever

really is an amazing device especially when you run some quality apps on it. Amazing what it's capable of. People marking the phone down because of delivery problems, duh!!


iPhone 6s rose gold

Booked my iPhone on 10/03, on 11/03 parcel was delayed should be delivered today We will see cant wait....