Samsung Galaxy S5
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Go get one!

Absolutely awesome phone. I love it.


The only thing that is annoying is that it doesn't have an FM radio which I used to have on my s3 mini and I used it all the time at work. I hope they rectify that on the next models as not all of us live in cities and can use Internet radio.


That said I have had the phone for a month and I am still playing with it and finding out new things it can do and they blow me away every time.


I have never been tempted by an iPhone and based on this I never will.


Great phone. Everyone should have one!


Hands on review of S5

Coming from an s3 to an s5.


Out of the box my phone was on 40%. I used it straight away performing syncs and restoring etc. i then had an almighty error samsung link failure which i could not get off the screen and it prevented me from doing anything. i got rid of it finally by quickly pressing into the applications in settings, finding the app and unistalling it.

Initialy drained really quick but after disabling loads of things i didnt need like notifications ,auto updates, syncing, gps etc My battery has now lasted 2 1/2 days! Charges very quick too. 0-100% took less than two hours.

i tested the camera. its certainly not any worse than the s3. The stabilisation for low light is good and the fact you can view in HDR before you take the photo. No more changing the iso and metering to get perfect shots. so far so good just using auto! They are also bright and clear and im not dissapointed yet!

Its a bit like the s3 but tweaked a little in a positive way. I like the smart remote which acts like a universal remote. ive got it working on my tv and my virgin tivo box. 

The weather /clock widget actually works on the s5!!!! on the s3 it every few days stopped working. but nope not on this one.  

Cant wait for the wireless charger to be released and other official s5 accessories other than the flip cases.

Not a lot more i can think of to report but its deffineately  a fantastic handset and imo is far superiour than its competitors. 

Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy



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excellent phone

upgraded from the s4 and im very happy with the s5, it generally runs a lot better than the s4 and some of the features are very useful 


Simply The Best!!

Ordered 1pm and phone delivered by 1pm the next day. Bargain price from GiffGaff with very reasonable monthly price. Couriers Uk Mail excellent. As for the phone, absolutely stunning. As an avid long term iPhone user, wasn't sure how I would adapt to Android but I.really fancied a change. So glad I went for the Blue S5, it is a beautiful light weight device. The screen is so bright and clear, just the best, Finger print scanner is crap compared to Apple touchid, but more reliable if you use a thumb rather than finger. Camera is just the best out there and battery life surprisingly good. I've also gone for a descent Spigen Neo Hybrid case and Qi wireless charging kit. Overall, an excellent choice and very pleased.


Best phone ever!



At first glane in a shop i hated the shell of it but the internals were good. Not as much bloat as the s4. Bit the bullet and bought it. I bought the topaz blue s-view case to go with it and im blown away.


It does everything you expect and it does them well. the camera is fantastic. i have take photos of moving objects without sport mode being on and its still captured the majority of them clearly. So people trying to put their hand in front of their faces BEWARE. This camera is quicker than you lol




Ex iphone user

Having had various models of iPhone over the last few years I was dubious to try a different brand. I was wrong the S5 has been fairly intuitive to use, I've had to change a few of my automatic iOS based movement ls but overall it has been a painless change. 

The phone is larger than I'm used to so I have started carrying it more in my bag then a Jean pocket but the benefit of this is the larger screen which makes Internet browsing more pleasurable. 

For my purposes this phone is great, the camera is good quality although I feel that the front facing camera has a slightly odd perspective and all the apps I use load quickly and work well, I mostly use Spotify,  chrome, Facebook and 4od. 

I feel that this was the right phone for me. 


Great Phone

Ordered the Samsung Galaxy S5 through giffgaff. Great service, got the phone quickly.


The phone is of great quality. Camera great. Very speedy Android 4.4.2. The fingerprint and heart rate sensor are a great addition and once set up correctly work perfectly.


Designwise, looks like previous Galaxy's which is good for me as its a simple design and fits nice in the hand. Screen quality is amazing and visible in all light. Its also waterproof though I haven't tested this out!


Came with some inner ear headphones which are also a very nice addition. And being a 4G ready phone things can only get better. WiFi works well as does 3G (awaiting 4G patiently).


If you're after a reliable, good looking, fast, fully featured smart phone this would make a sensible purchase!


alot better

I got my S5 the day before general release it is awesome doesn't look as cheap as previous versions,  still playing with it now. The camera is awesome as it keeps it focus and colour's are bright HD Standard. 


An Honest Review

I upgraded from an S3, I thought the S5 would be a fair bit bigger but it's not really. I'm not going reiterate what all the plethora of reviews out there say, but what I will say is that Touchwiz is utter crap, the heartbeat sensor is gimmicky and the finger print reader is an obvious copy of Apple. Samsung should have implemented a different approach to the finger print reader as it has been cracked the excat same way the Apple one was, so you really don't want to be associating your fingerprint with your Paypal account.


The primary reason I bought this is because it has a removable stoarge and battery. It's slim pickings out there if your looking for a new, flagship device with these features. The saving grace of the S5 is the ability to root, put on a custom recovery and ROM. Although I don't need to do any of those I like having the option of being able to do it, despite the evilness of Knox.


So four stars because I like to look of the phone, despite what the haters say anyway I put a decent case on it as soon as I got it. It has a great hardware spec, yes not quite as good as others out there but still good, the IP67 rating and removable storage- a must for my usage.


End of the day it's a flagship Galaxy device which is highly customisable, so you can't really go wrong.


Awesome phone, beats iPhone

Got my new Samsung Galaxy S5 today, and I am blown away with its speed, Super amoled clarity and Camera speed. I also have an iPhone, but I am sorry to say this new Samsung phone beats iPhone in every aspect. I am not exaggerating, the gadget speed is just awesome, better than apple at the moment. I was an iPhone Fan but after witnessing S5, I have to say that Samsung has come a long way up to give a tough fight to Apple. Will wait and see what Apple has to offer. From me its a 5 star to the company and the phone Smiley Happy



Great phone would rate better than 5s I'm afraid to say 


Beware of buying from Giffgaff ...

Ordered the S5 from Giffgaff . It arrived the next day . The security seal was broken and another sticker had been placed over it to conceal the fact . The phone was switched on , and the cellophane on the rear of the phone had obviously been removed and poorly reattached . I was very annoyed Giffgaff would try to mug me off with a grade b item .
Trying to exchange it was a complicated affair . The support Giffgaff give customers with problems is pathetic . I returned the phone for a refund , rather than go through extra hassle trying to get an exchange unit .
I then went and bought the phone from Samsung directly . It cost me about £50 more , but I have peace of mind now that I won't have to deal with Giffgaff again should anything go wrong with the phone . I would advise anyone else to do the same .



The phone has literally everything that a smartphone user would want or neede to use. I have upgraded from S3 and I can see that there is a fair improvement. The back cover is great and the phone is waterproof which is just great.




Just not up to the job

I have had this phone for 8 months now. I went from an iPhone 4 to this and at the time was really impressed, it was much quicker, camera seemed sharper, screen was bigger and it was very easy to get used to an Android operating system.

8 months down the line and despite having a system cleaning app (which, constantly needs boosting or cleaning!) Apps are crashing or not even opening, several times the phone has completely crashed and needed rebooting. The memory is not maxed out and I don't have a micro sd card, but maybe I'm going wrong somewhere? 


I can't fault the screen quality, it's fantastic.


The keyboard seems very squashed up and I often press the full stop button instead of the space bar - quite annoying as I don't even have sausage fingers!


The camera is only good when the light is very good. However, if the lighting isn't super bright the pictures can turn out grainy. Macro pictures are also impossible if the lighting isn't bright. The camera is on auto focus constantly and it's not possible to change this... 


The phone feels quite flimsy and does scratch and mark easily so a sturdy cover and reinforced screen protector is a must.


I am swayed to go back to the iphone as this does try so hard to compete, but it just can't!



samsung s5

Great phone  battery  lasts ages easy to set up and use,  even for an old boy like me? Great camera and grear phone, as it's been out a while any issues are well sorted and the phone is now a bit cheaper.  But I suppose if your a gadget person perhaps you will be going for a bendy I phone lol 


seal broken

I just received my phone and the seal was broken and you put another sticker on top of the broken seal


are you sending out used phones guys? such a disappointment. i am going for an exchange.


Love it, great phone

Well I am very impressed to say the least. The ordering of the phone was very simple and only took a few minutes and by the following morning it had all gone through and I was told when my phone would be delivered. I even got a choice to change the day to any day after the original delivery date.


It turn up on the right day and i was very impressed when I opened it. What a lovely phone, there are so many things on it to play about with. Overall I am really really pleased with it. I just wish someone would make a battery that lasts more than a day even with full use. but i guess when i have finally finished playing with it all day long and actually start using it like i normally will, it will probably not drain in that time.  The only thing I do not like is the charger bit where you plug it into the wall, you have to kind of flick out the 3rd pin of the plug and it seems a little strange and a bit flimsy to be honest but that certainly would not put me off the phone. Smiley Tongue



Phone started to get warm a cuple of weeks after deliver, would then not charge when returned was sent back saying not covered by warantee???? does not even say what is wrong and why in less than a month would whatever be wrong not be covered.


Phone returned in immaculate condition, not been dropped, not got wet, been in a protective case , hardly used................


Seems to me to be someone trying to get out of replacing??????????????


amazing phone and delivery!!

Ordered the phone last night at 8 o'clock and got it today at 1! Such an amazing phone, no problems at all and it's so fast! 


Definitely telling people about gift gaff,  Thank you! 😊


Great phone

So much better than iPhone Smiley Happy