HTC Desire 650
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awesome phone

Very good phone and very impressed by how much storage it comes with for the price I have many smart phones in the past and for speed, reliability and storage this phone is perfect. The only thing I don't agree with and this is a fault with HTC is the phone comes with a pre installed keypad called TouchPal and it's a nice app other then it always shows up adds when you begin typing. TouchPal have said they have fixed it now so their are no more adds but other then that really brilliant phone


worse phone from hell

never ever buy a HTC phone!

usb tethering doesnt work, wont allow me to turn it on with it connected to usb on pc.

wont connect at all to the internet, signal disapears totally every few minutes if you are lucky you may get a few minutes with a signal.

even when it shows a strong signal, its just trolling you... you wont get the text messages or calls from anyone that is calling or texting until 3  hours later when all of a sudden you get a massive splurge of missed calls and a shedload of texts from hours ago even though it showed you have a signal.


phone is total rubbish ... avoid never ever buy HTC unless you like not receiving important calls or texts.

i will never ever waste my money on another HTC phone... absolute balls.

returning it for full refund asap!!!

you have been warned ... buy at your own risk!!!


HTC desire 650

This is my first HTC Desire 650, I’ve had HTC’s before, but bought this as I thought it was a decent camera, but sadly No! 

Dont buy this if youre taking a lot of pics, pics are only ok once sent to Facebook, instagram etc but colour quality on mobile when trying to take pictures and view them are terrible !!


Good phone



Love it!

It's cheap, looks decent and does everything I need, videos and photos are quality, it's fast andcresponds well. I've had HTC for the last 10 odd years, from when they issued the 'Wildfire'. I've dropped them repeatedly but never had a screen crack! Very happy with this purchase 😁


Ignore the haters!

For the price, absolutely brilliant phone. I needed one just to last just a few months, however this has exactly the same features I'd pay for on a £600 handset! Delivered the next day. Shape is perfect, large but not so that you can't hold it!

Only gets 4 stars as speakers could be slightly louder, but in consideration of everything, I'd rate very highly! 


Excellent phone

Really good phone, lightweight and reliable. Battery lasts ages and a bargain for the price. I wouldn’t listen to the bad reviews slating it, no it’s not top of the range but then again nor is the price! I got this phone for my 12 year old son go mostly plays games and takes pictures and he’s happy with it. Good phone HTC!! 


HTC 650

This is very ligth phone and usefull with very good quality. JS.


NFC Connectivity

Just a little comment to confirm that the HTC Desire 650 does have built in NFC since it's not listed under specifications:connectivity




HTC 650

Fantastic phone as always from HTC but gave 4 stars as battery life is terrible. Such a shame.


no delivery

this is awful - i ordered a mobile with a monthly subscribtion and it has not been delivered (but the money not taken out) - is there any way you can call Giff Gaff?!? My email is being ignored, of course. Wish I had never dealt with this provider.


It's a phone

Excellent phone. Please don't listen to the idiotic reviewers that blame the phone because their delivery went wrong or live in the middle of nowhere and think the lack of coverage is the phone's fault. It uploads and downloads rapidly on the internet, the camera is excellent and it texts and makes calls...... what more do you want ? Superb phone 😁😁😁


HTC Desire 650

Ive not had any issues with this phone, it is really light. I love it


Very Poor For HTC

Use to be a massive fan of HTC but this one wow......poor design ....confused setup.....also the speaker on the mobile is terrible for HTC. Sad to say HTC have gone backwards not forwards.