Alcatel Pixi 4 4
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Cheap and a waste of money

The box it comes in is better quality. Stay clear and spend abit more money on something better.



**bleep** phone dont buy


For the price, what more can you ask for

This phone was bought in the sale for £19.  I would be a fool to expect it to do everything a much more expensive would would have been.


It adequately carries out basic smartphone functions such as calls, text, basic browsing, whatsapp and other apps (O2, Wuntu, Greggs, Voucher cloud etc) - this is a spare phone.


Based on price and what I use it for, I have given this phone a 4 Star rating - bnot because of what it can do, but because it does everything I ask it to do (granted all basic stuff).

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A very cheap phone; you get what you pay for

When my previous phone suddenly stopped working I bought this to see me through until I could get a better one.  On the positive side it could be used for phone calls and texts.  However the internal storage is inadequate and it makes it very difficult to use the SD card with some apps that can't be moved and apps that are re-installed on internal storage after an update and then cannot be moved back to the SD card.  By uninstalling or disabling large parts of the pre-installed software (and ignoring the warnings about why this should not be done) I could install the few apps I most wanted.  After a few months it stopped working (System UI can't be used) and I now have a phone much higher up the price scale.  You get what you pay for.



I only purchased this for using my running app, however the GPS link is terrible, the bluetooth link to my heart monitor is so bad that it will not pick up on the outside of my arm - I have to use the phone on my forearm.  The start-up speed was initially OK but after a few months has become impossibly slow.  battery is now overheating too.   Terrible, terrible, terrible


Alcatel Pixi 4 4”

This phone is not fit for purpose in any respect.

The software is badly designed and is counter intuitive and very slow. The hardware appears to be steam driven with the odd rubber band.


Bought for nephew.

A basic smartphone but for £29.99 you cant go wrong. 

It's great! 


Alcatel 4 4

It' really a good phone. Really cheap, only £29 VERY CHEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAPPPPPP! Old people could actually buy this.


Alcatel Pixi 4 4"

this phone is a useless piece of rubbish,lagging at all stage of it.the only good thing in it ,is the price tag,but thats all.battery is went down from 100% to 93% in 10 minutes without doing anything on it.stay away from it.


my new phone

My new phone is great for me i am not a whizz kid its just i always want nice and simple easy to use I brought android tablet pc big mistake din't know that you need broadband of which it wa B.T. i am all ready on other broadband virginmedia i di't  need 2 B.B 

so  I was glad to find this phone just has always want wish i brought it 1st time it would save a lot money down the drain 

the other tablet it could go a museam for all i care or use a tray hee hee


A good phone at a great price

I didn'y want much just an uptodate phone. Wanted nothing fancy. This phone looks great and has all you need....should you choose it! Very easy to master. To be honest....if your looking for tech at the cutting edge perhaps this phone is not for you. For a great phone that is easy and straight forward this is a great choice. I am very happy with my choice. Great price.....unbeatable with all you need to stay in touch.


This is no Iphone, but for £19 on sale - bring it on!

Although technology prices have been increasing over the past year, one area where this is not the case is in the budget smart phone area. Yes, premium smart phone prices have been going into the stratosphere - over £1000 for a Iphone X anyone?, however, for those of us that don't want to take out a second mortgage purely for a phone, take a look here.


I own this phone, and have done for about 6 months.


To start, this is no £500 Iphone or Galaxy S8. This review takes into account the cost - currently just £19. That's less than some Goodybags, and less than many people spend per month on their phone. I'll start with the bad and what this phone is not - so if you are looking for any of these features, look elsewhere, then I'll talk about what this phone is.


There are two major issues with this phone, which are perfectly understandable given the cost - but which may cause problems. Firstly, and most importantly, the storage. While it has 4GB of storage, all but about 400MB are taken up by the Android operating system and pre-installed Apps. This leaves very little space for additional apps. Sure, there is room for an SD card, so loading on music and films is no problem. However many Apps insist on being installed on the built in storage and won't accept being on the SD card. This results in an issue. Although the Google Play App Store is present and correct, you'll only be able to install 3 or 4 small apps or 1 or 2 games at the same time. Therfore, if you like downloading a new app every day, look elsewhere.


Secondly, the RAM. This has 512MB, some of which is assigned for operating system uses, giving approximately 468MB usable. Again for the £19 price tag, this is perfectly acceptable, but you won't be running any of the latest greatest games on this.


A small issue I had when I first got the phone was that it was very unresponsive and slow. At first I thought this was maybe the phone, but upon updating the Android 6 operating system to the latest version supplied automatically by Alcatel (February 2017 release), the phone had a new lease of life - possible a bug was fixed? Anyway, many of the problems people seem to be having may be solved by this update.


Now the good - what this phone is.


Firstly, let's think about what a smart phone is - a fully functioning pocket computer. Now, lets think about what this smart phone is - a quad-core 1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU with 512MB (468MB usable) of RAM, 4GB storage (although only 400MB usable) computer with a touch screen display. For £19. A decade ago, you couldn't get that in a desktop costing hundres of pounds.


The phone comes with Android 6 - which is great on face value, but I feel some of that oh-so important storage space has been taken up with the operating system as each realese gets a little larger, but I guess the Andoid version sells, and a phone shipping with Android 4.4, although not really affecting the user, wouldn't.


It works fine as a phone, web browser, basic games are all great. It has blue tooth and wifi - works great as a media player for my home music and movies streamed over the home wifi. I've even used it to mine some crypto currency and used money-making Apps, and consequently made back more than my outlay for the phone.


This phone is perfect for those that have a few Apps they want to use and won't be changing them every 5 minutes. It's great to play films or listen to music. Browsing the internet works great. I say again, for £19.


Will this phone be as good as an Iphone 8? No, of course not. But will you still be paying for this phone a year from now? No.


Will you be worried if it falls out your pocket at the Chrsitmas Party? No. In fact, if you see someone drop their Iphone at the Chrsitmas party, and then break down as they still have 24 months of £30 a month to pay, you may want to point them towards this!

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Not enough memory

There simply isn't enough internal memory, even when you use an sd card.

The operating system requires that there's enough internal memory to store apps that are being updated even if they are stored on the sd. This means you have to clear the cashed memory if the internal memory is nearly full otherwise play will prompt you to delete less used apps to make room, and the pre installed apps take up all the room there is!

The ram isn't big enough either making it stall a lot!

The 8gb internal 1gb ram version may have been a better option for Giff Gaff to stock...




awful phone  - slow and never enough memory as phone memory is taken up bt unwanted apps which you cant delete. Only brought it for my mum three months ago  ad and already get a system message saying it's not responding every so often. Don't bother.


Waste of money

This is possibly the worst phone ever. It doesn't even work as a basic phone most of the time, it only rings as the caller is already going through to voice mail, text messages take several days to arrive the battery life is ridiculously short and it has so little memory that it can't install updates. Total waste of money.


Worst £29 ever spent

Brought this phone thinking it was an upgrade from my alcatel pixi 3.5.  How wrong I was.  It only has 2GB of internal memory which is nearly full when you turn on your phone.  Spec says it has possibly 3GB not a chance.  I have had this phone since friday and today is weds and beleive me it's going back.  My pixi 3.5 has more internal memory than this and I paid less for it.  Keeps duplicating my photos which fills up my memory.  I have had to delete built in aps in try and free space, no good.  DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE


"Smart" phone

Worst purchase I ever made.  First it kept going online with no provocation or consent from me and took £12 of my money for nothing except to fill up the memory with adverts. I managed to stop this but trying to use it just as a phone is continuous frustration. Having had it a few weeks I am furious because all it wants to do is sell me stuff!   I cannot make a simple phone call without first dealing with rubbish. It is very slow to respond to touching the buttons and often after a long wait comes up saying it cannot find something I did not want anyway. I have invited nothing into the memory but it continually brings up messages saying the memory is full and needs cleaning.  I run a cleaning program but next day it makes this demand again.    Incoming calls  ALWAYS fail because it cuts callers off before I have even a few seconds to get it out of my pocket.   I have tried very hard to master this gadget and after a good few hours have failed.

So far it has cost me more than £50 and I can count all successful calls on one set of fingers. It is purely a money spinner for giff gaff and is going in the bin just as soon as I can get my hands on a simple phone, such as I had before,  that allows me to control it and does not insist on wasting my time and money.



Very poor quality phone it shouldn't be in market in first place its waste time and money to buy such I would want to return it the soonest 


Terribly slow phone almost unusable

Before I start slating this phone let me tell you that I understand that this is a very cheap phone and I dont expect it to perform well. What I do expect is for it to get the basics right. Here is the list of basic things you can do for the phone to hang up or freeze. 

1. Make a call
2. Write an SMS

3. Open any app.

4. Unlock it

This one has been slow and laggy out of the box. I dont understand how a quad core phone can be so bad. I even changed the launcer to Google but still no luck. Fortunately I had to use it only for a week. I wouldnt recommend this unless you need something temp for a day or so - treks and festivals etc.