Alcatel Pixi 4 4
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I only purchased this for using my running app, however the GPS link is terrible, the bluetooth link to my heart monitor is so bad that it will not pick up on the outside of my arm - I have to use the phone on my forearm.  The start-up speed was initially OK but after a few months has become impossibly slow.  battery is now overheating too.   Terrible, terrible, terrible


Waste of money

This is possibly the worst phone ever. It doesn't even work as a basic phone most of the time, it only rings as the caller is already going through to voice mail, text messages take several days to arrive the battery life is ridiculously short and it has so little memory that it can't install updates. Total waste of money.



awful phone  - slow and never enough memory as phone memory is taken up bt unwanted apps which you cant delete. Only brought it for my mum three months ago  ad and already get a system message saying it's not responding every so often. Don't bother.


Bought for nephew.

A basic smartphone but for £29.99 you cant go wrong. 

It's great! 


Alcatel 4 4

It' really a good phone. Really cheap, only £29 VERY CHEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAPPPPPP! Old people could actually buy this.


Alcatel Pixi 4 4"

this phone is a useless piece of rubbish,lagging at all stage of it.the only good thing in it ,is the price tag,but thats all.battery is went down from 100% to 93% in 10 minutes without doing anything on it.stay away from it.


Terribly slow and unbelievably fast draining battery.

The processor absolutely isn't up to the job which means that this phone is awfully slow and drains the battery trying to work through normally simple processes.  Not even good enough to be a "spare" phone.  You get what you pay for here.


Not enough memory

There simply isn't enough internal memory, even when you use an sd card.

The operating system requires that there's enough internal memory to store apps that are being updated even if they are stored on the sd. This means you have to clear the cashed memory if the internal memory is nearly full otherwise play will prompt you to delete less used apps to make room, and the pre installed apps take up all the room there is!

The ram isn't big enough either making it stall a lot!

The 8gb internal 1gb ram version may have been a better option for Giff Gaff to stock...



Cheap and a waste of money

The box it comes in is better quality. Stay clear and spend abit more money on something better.



**bleep** phone dont buy


Worst £29 ever spent

Brought this phone thinking it was an upgrade from my alcatel pixi 3.5.  How wrong I was.  It only has 2GB of internal memory which is nearly full when you turn on your phone.  Spec says it has possibly 3GB not a chance.  I have had this phone since friday and today is weds and beleive me it's going back.  My pixi 3.5 has more internal memory than this and I paid less for it.  Keeps duplicating my photos which fills up my memory.  I have had to delete built in aps in try and free space, no good.  DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE


"Smart" phone

Worst purchase I ever made.  First it kept going online with no provocation or consent from me and took £12 of my money for nothing except to fill up the memory with adverts. I managed to stop this but trying to use it just as a phone is continuous frustration. Having had it a few weeks I am furious because all it wants to do is sell me stuff!   I cannot make a simple phone call without first dealing with rubbish. It is very slow to respond to touching the buttons and often after a long wait comes up saying it cannot find something I did not want anyway. I have invited nothing into the memory but it continually brings up messages saying the memory is full and needs cleaning.  I run a cleaning program but next day it makes this demand again.    Incoming calls  ALWAYS fail because it cuts callers off before I have even a few seconds to get it out of my pocket.   I have tried very hard to master this gadget and after a good few hours have failed.

So far it has cost me more than £50 and I can count all successful calls on one set of fingers. It is purely a money spinner for giff gaff and is going in the bin just as soon as I can get my hands on a simple phone, such as I had before,  that allows me to control it and does not insist on wasting my time and money.



Very poor quality phone it shouldn't be in market in first place its waste time and money to buy such I would want to return it the soonest 


Alcatel Pixi 4"4

This phone looks good but is very basic and unresponsive not happy at all!! Don't waste money on it and pay a few pounds more for a receptive phone that does not want you throwing across room?


Alcatel pixi 4 4

No stars from me, this phone is total rubbish, not worth £29 ! Phone locked up the day I received it!! and cannot get in to it at all.

l, tried to get help, but was sent around in circles on

the website. It would have been so nice to speak to a person, but that is not possible!!

I don't intend returning the phone as I don't think it is worth the postage, and I will be leaving giff gaff because they don't seem to want to know about any problems customers encounter!! C. L


Good phone for low price!

A really good phone for low price, great  as the first smartphone or for slightly demanding users.

Generally a little  bit too slow for "whisking" on the internet, but it's somehow doing well.

At such a Price - Bomb!

So who can not afford mobile phones from the top shelf like iphobe or Samsung, or looking after cheap android, eg for work, Alcatel Pixi 4, 4 "is perfect!

And, I'm sure that , not find any cheaper - and this is New! 

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Not fit for purpose

Although this phone is very cheap I would have expected it to be able to make calls, send texts and use WhatsApp.  It may do all these things but only if you don't have a lot on that day!  On one occasion it took 7 minutes from wake up to actually dialling a number, the memory is taken up with apps that cannot be deleted even though they are not wanted or used and I assume this is why there are constant messages that the memory is low and the phone hangs whenever you want to move to another screen.  I deleted a number of pre-loaded apps and the only app I added was WhatsApp, even so the performance was extremely poor.  Data was being eaten up for unknown reason and the battery life is diabolical - even when not used it will use 75% of the power in a day.  Returned.  Must say though the order and delivery process is great.



First of all this is advertised as 4GB storage. It is actually only 2.1GB. This makes it almost impossible to install any apps on it. What apps you can install, the phone is far too slow to properly run. Google maps for instance is so slow it's useless. 
If you're just using it for texts/calls it works fine, anything more, it can't cope with. And if you're only using it for texts and calls you probably don't need a smartphone...


What !?!?!

Really ??? This is actually being sold as a usable product ? Bought this as a first phone for my 10 year old and even he didn't like it. Yes folks it really is that bad. Every function is so slow you can boil the kettle and make a cup of tea before you can access whatever application you are trying to enter; and this includes your contacts list. Downloaded Snapchat for my kid as he loves taking pics using the filters. Had to uninstall; not only did it keep crashing the phone I couldn't update or install any other app on the phone. After uninstalling it immediately started updating the built in apps; the phone will no longer install any other apps as there is no memory left unless I insert an SD card. This is by far the worst phone I have ever had the displeasure of purchasing. Steer well clear of this abomination. You have been warned !!!