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worked a treat for 2 of my phones

i used these guys twice and had no problem,

£11.99 each. job done. im very happy with them


One the cheaper ones and fulfilled my order within 3 working days.

I am in Australia with a UK O2 locked iPhone and a GiffGaff simcard. O2 wouldn't help me. Apple wouldn't touch it and no network operator in Aus could do anything. So I came looking for a third party IMEI based unlock, such as


They said it could take up to 14 days but without pressuring them, they sent it through in 3 working days. Life saver!! my iPhone 5 now works with Aussie sims and 4G! I could never get 4G in the UK due to incorrect network frequencies.


Phone Unlocking

I have used Mobile Unlocked on three occasions.

The first two times they were successful

The last time they were unable to unlock my phone, so refunded the unlock fee.

The Helpdesk were very............. well helpful



I used this service last night, I thought the price was very good and my HTC phone was unlocked within 10 mintues - 1st TIME!!!!


A very good service, at first I thought it would fail, but because it was shown on Giff Gaff's website I had confidence it would work.


Mobile Unlocked review

Worked well and accurate in their time description


Brilliant service!

Mobile Unlocked was the third company I went to.  Previously two other companies had told me they couldn't unlock my Sony Xperia J (thanks to complex settings from Orange) and refunded me. 


Mobile Unlocked Estimated between 3 and 7 days for their service, but they sent me a list of four codes after only 2 days.  The second code on the list worked perfectly, and my phone is now set up for Giffgaff. 


The instructions for putting in the unlock code were clear and easy, and the whole process took about 5 minutes to do, including prising the back off my phone.  I would definitely come to Mobile Unlocked to sort out other phones in the future. Smiley Very Happy  


htc one x unlock code

Excellent service!!, Highly recommened 10mins and all is working....


Galaxy Mini GTS5570 unlocked

Great service from this company, phone unlocked from Tesco in about 20 minutes

Would definately use again :-)


HTC Desire S - Unlocked Perfectly

Confirmation email arrived in seconds, code email arrived within 10 minutes.


As with other Desire S users I had to enter the code twice to unlock, but after that all was OK. Phone was locked to Orange/EE, but now has a shiny new O2 PAYG SIM working perfectly.


I'll use these guys again.


HTC Desire HD from Orange to Virgin Mobile

I gave up waiting for Orange. My MobileUnlocked unlock code arrived in 12 minutes with full instructions. The process was easier then I expected. Excellent service. Thoroughly recommended.


Great site, would use again

Used the site to unlock my HTC Hero from the Three network. Applied for my unlock code which arrived within the 25 minutes stated. Entered the code into my phone and I was up and running on the GiffGaff network straight away. Would recommend highly for unlocking this phone, can't say anything about others.


HTC Wildfire

I was fed up with orange when i heard about giffgaff i had to give it a try. It took maybe ten mins if that to receive the code from Mobile Unlocked which worked....Brilliant!


Samsung Galaxy S2

Bought a Nexus 4 when I joined giffgaff but wanted to do something with my old S2. This company was excellent and unlock code sent in about 15 mins and worked first time. Plan to get my father to use it with giffgaff now. T-Mobile wanted about £30 and said it could take weeks so excellent service from Mobile Unlocked.


huawei u8220

brilliant, cheap, just stuck in my giffgaff sim and entered the code that provided, and that was it, simples Smiley Happy


worked perfectly

received unlock code in couple of minutes.

worked without problems

no hidden fees



Exactly as described

Best price for unlocking my HTC, code arrived as expected and worked. All happy.

HTC Desire S trouble-free unlock

Received code quickly and it worked second time. I probably mistyped it.


It Worked perfectly

I'm always very sceptical of these type of services, but went for it and wasn't disappointed.

Very professional quick and with excellent communications and guides to make sure you do it properly.

Highly recommended, and good value.


great service

5 star service, thank you guys 


iPhone 4s - couldn't unlock

Couldn't unlock my phone from O2  "because no unlock code could be found in the relevant database for the IMEI submitted or unlock tool chosen".  

Money refunded immediately.