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Cheapest by quite some way. Code arrived in minutes and I was unlocked very shortly afterwards. Very pleasantly surprised.


Professional and easy

Unlocking feels a bit seedy and risky but this company have made it slick and professional instead. Really pleased with the relaibility and service. Have unlocked four phones with them without a hitch.


Tmobile Pulse Mini

I filled in the details online and received a prompr reply that they were looking into it. Unfortunately they could not find a code so I opted for a refund, which was done the next day (well within the 48 hours quoted)

So I was happy to deal with FoneZone even though they could not help.


Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy S Advance unlock

An excellent service. Good rpice and very quick. I had codes within an hour.

Helpful email support as well.

Hightly recommended.


Succesful eventually

Unlocking LG Optimus ME on tesco. I note the price has gone up since last week.  Codes took over 2 days to arrive.  Instructions were a bit ambiguous and unlock did not work 1st time.  Responses to support enquiries (again ambiguous) were evenings only so an exchange took another couple of days.  Finally unlocked successfully so have to give credit for that.


Samsung Unlock


used this service to unlock Samsung c3300 for a friend. They let you know before hand if they can do it, £13.99 and got unlock code in 3 hours. Difficult to find a reliable service, but this was great. Top Marks from me.


unlock s5620

Used this for my samsung s5620. I paid £14.99 that stings a little, but it was still cheaper than the rest. Code arrived in about 36 hours.


Most importantly, it worked perfectly and i didn't loose anything from the phone (which as a newcomer was my worry)!!





 The website was easy to use, and they sent me a code in 4 hours. Not the cheapest, but worth it for the lack of hassle!


Fast and expert service, and great support behind it!

Firstly, easy instructions on their website on how to get the phone's particular details - I didn't even know exactly what model I had. Codes arrived quickly, but I had to email their support twice to get it unlocked - nothing wrong with their codes, it was the phone and me combined.  My emails were answered quickly and clearly, and phone now works fine ... excellent service, happy to recommend.


Brilliant Service

Brilliant Service


Got my code within like 4-6 hours. Highly recommended. 

The best mobile network around!
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Worked for me

I was very hesitant about how to get an unlock code for my phone (which was a very simple Samsung E1190).   Some of the websites look very dodgy!


I went for Foneszone because it had a better price than one or two others I had seen (12.99), but mainly because the website had a better feel to it.


The process was very smooth and I received my unlock codes within a few hours.


Result = one happy customer :-)



I used foneszone to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3.


It didn't cost much and I had the code in a few hours - it worked first time and very easy to do.


This was the cheapest around and so just give it a go!


Still Locked

I tried this service on 27 Dec 2012 for unlocking an HTC Desire C from Orange.  I chased up the unlock codes on 4 Jan 2013.  I was informed that:


the pending payment did not go through and has been rejected by our card payment system due to it being flagged, this is normally due to the name or address being incorrect, not being enrolled in 3D secure payment system or that the 3d secure did not go through properly.


I have never had a payment rejected on any card and have never heard of 3D so I assume that this is an excuse for not being able to deliver an unlock code.


I have to wait 3 months from purchase of phone so that Ornage can charge me £20 to officially unlock.