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samsung c3530 on tesco

The unlocking of this phone was not helped by tesco always having a different excuse for not sending me the 2 different codes needed.


£20 and 3 three weeks later I received the 2 codes with a message to find out how to use these codes call us on the 0845 number £0.20 per minute for 14 minutes.


Tesco are determined to get their moneys out of their customers with no regard to their reputation or consideration for their customers.


I bought the phone for £35 to £40 but the cost of unlocking this phone was much more than this after the many calls to tesco.


I would not recomend these as a supplier of phones under any circumstance.


This phone was a chistmass preasent that could not be used untill well into January.


When I think of Tesco it with a seathing resentment at their greed and averice.


Some further details...

Update to the guide;


If you call Customer Care on 4455 you need to go through a few menus before they put you through to the "Technical Team". If you prefer you can call the technical team directly on 0845-300-6660.


They will take some details (e-mail etc.) and initiate the unlock process. As mentioned, if you are still in-contract they will charge you £20. Outside of contract it is free.


The process takes 28 days, however the rep I spoke to said that it was "usually a lot less than that".


The process ends with Tesco Mobile sending you an e-mail containing all of the details you need to unlock the phone, including the unlock code, yourself.


Quick But A Little Confusing

Tesco emailed me the unlock code in just two days.  What was a little confusing is that when talking to their customer care agent he said that I needed a SIM other than O2, GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile to unlock the phone.  This is in fact false and I was able to unlock the phone with just the Tesco Mobile SIM card.  The unlocking email also said something along these lines but in my case I didn't need a third SIM card.


Good - But slow service.

The Tesco mobile phone unlocking service, is good - To some. The customer service team is UK based (From my experience) and the customer service team are very friendly and happy to help. The queue to get through does take some time, and you'll need to be patient - But it's worth it.


Another advantage to Tesco mobile is, that if you have been with them for over a year, they'll unlock your phone free of charge.

My only rant is, that the time it takes for you to get the unlock code is quite slow, and wastes valuable giffgaffing time! I'd recommend it, but only if I were getting it for being with them for a year plus. Otherwise the price is a bit steep.


Truly AWFUL service

A truly awful service. BEWARE of using this company. I tried using their chat 'service' online to unlock my phone and have been given a string of contradictory messages. Promised they would unlock my phone 'straight away' - so I paid the £10 and it didn;t happen. So contacted them again, and they looked back at the previous chat (fortunately I requested an email transcript), apologies and promised to (a) "escalate" the process - meaning it would happen in 3-4 days, and (b) give me £10 credit. Sounded good, but neither of these has happened. Contcated them again and have been told they cannot 'discuss' any previous chat, then they have no record of any previous chat (!), then my code will arrive next day (is that a promise, well no not exactly) ,,,,, etc. How comprlicated is this? Is this a deliberate attempt to provide SUCh an awful service that customers give up? It's hard to imagine. but the Tesco store record's recent history suggests huge incompetence pus deliberately misleading people for profit (read the financial news), so maybe this 'strategy' is alos in thei mobile business? I'm astonished at the loss of reputation of this previously 'reliable' 'customer'friendly' 'every little helps' brand....


I get that they want another £10 to unlock the phone (it used to be £20!) because they won't get so much future money from me, but I don't get AT ALL why taking this money has to be accompanied by deliberately, maliciously delaying an incredibly simple process. 7 days means working days means possibly 11 days. 20 days (the guaranteed time) means working days, which could be a month! It feels malicious, cynical and purely driven by profit, nothing whatever to do with customer service.

It APPEARS online chat staff are graded by how satisfied we are after the immediate chat, so they're effectively incentivised to tell the customer anything, including lies if needed, to make them feel good so they score OK, absolutely regardless of consequences.... Is such a set-up deliberate by Tesco, or just sheer incompetent management?  


Is 'image' ("every little helps") and words where they like to spend money, or in ACTUALLY delivering a service to make me feel valued???? Words fail me. If you really are looking to satisfy your customers, me Tesco, you have done huge damage to your reputation by this slovenly, incompetent, malicious non-service.



Costs an extra £10 on top of phone price to unlock, and I am still waiting for my code to be sent after two weeks. They say "up to 28 days" - how does it take that long to click a button and send a code?! Take the money straight away though.


Incompetent - should stick to selling groceries

I called several times to arrange for my Moto G 4G to be unlocked.

They sent through three codes in two batches, none of which worked after trying both a BT SIM and an EE SIM in the phone. One of the codes contained letters, which could not be entered using the PIN request interface... They said they would request another batch of codes and then they could escalate the problem. I waited 20 days as instructed for the third batch of codes. The codes never came through. Called up again, they said they hadn’t requested the codes, and that they would just replace the handset but they wanted to give me a different model which didn’t run stock android because the phone was three years old now and generally old news. They advised me to switch to Tesco Mobile. I have, for now because it has been months, but I’m now going to try and use a third party unlocking service because I don’t trust Tesco to provide a decent service. I’d much rather be with giffgaff.


Get them to confirm your phone will work with giffgaff first...

I just tried to unlock a PAYG Nokia Lumia 510. I only found out the phone won't accept a giffgaff sim after I paid the £20 unlock charge to Tesco. The O2/giffgaff disclaimer came in the email with the unlock codes.

So make sure your phone will work before you pay them.


unlocking my phone

Not only did I find Lockapedia useful but I also saved myself a load of dosh. Thanks GG Community!


NCK code came through woo hoo!

Tesco unlock team sent the email with all the info needed to unlock my handset as it was over 12 months it was free took only a week well under there statutory waiting time of 14 to 21 days.


Sent to wrong Email Address

I called them up it was Free as my phone was out of contract (Rolling contract) but for whatever reason they sent the information to a random email address not even the one linked to my Account so make sure you doublecheck that they are gonna send it to the correct email address!!!



used this to unlock my lumia, took around 10 minutes on the phone to sort it and the code was emailed in 4 days, i found tesco the best seeming i was quoted £40 in other places, so £20 or free was alot cheaper


wrong unlock code sent

Code sent to lock phone wrong. Tesco Customer Service said they would fill out a form and send it to the phone company. Unable to tell us how long it would be to get the new code if at all. We won't hold our breath. Will attempt to return phone for refund if Tesco do not play ball over this.


Moto G4 on tesco

Calling Tesco gives you an option to unlock the phone, but this just gives you a PUK number THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT


You need to call the help line 4455 from your tesco phone and speak to someone. They will then text you the unlock code and instructions. They said upto 7 days, and it arriced in < 1min.


So in the end it was okay, though as I had already started my number transfer to my giffgaff SIM I did panic a bit.